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Netflix Original Movies: The Next Step towards Media Domination

Updated on July 8, 2015

Netflix: A Story of Rampant Success

Surprisingly, the online movie and television streaming guru known as Netflix was founded in 1997. However, back then, the company did not stream movies on the web. Instead, for a $20 monthly subscription, Netflix would send the online customer a physical copy of a movie to rent.

In fact, back in 2000, Netflix proposed its idea of online subscriptions to Blockbuster as a tactic to cooperate with the top business in renting movies. Nonetheless, the online market was not yet seen as a threat and so Blockbuster denied Netflix's offer. By 2004, Blockbuster did end up developing online subscriptions on its website. But Netflix's next move ended up having a hand in toppling Blockbuster into bankruptcy.

The real key to Netflix's wild success is that Netflix was the first to skillfully utilize the internet for online streaming in 2007. Nowadays, Netflix accounts for about 1/3rd of internet streaming, which is double that of YouTube. Also, Netflix is leading to the gradual destruction of the cable industry. With Netflix, one can watch shows instantly, not have to deal with commercials, and only pay eight bucks a month — all of which are significant advantages over cable.

Netflix has already pushed itself well into the production market for television. All of the countless shows created by Netflix are a simple click away with a subscription. And, nobody wants to be the one left out, never having seen shows such as House of Cards. As a result, Netflix has wrapped its hands even tighter over the customer base for cable television. But, Netflix is only beginning to assert its dominance over the media industry.

Moving onto the Big Screen

Just yesterday, July 7th, Netflix announced four movies it would show in the movie theaters. Also, these movies will be available to stream online for subscribers. The first of the movies, "Beasts of no Nation," is set to debut on October 16th, 2015. The other three movies will be "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend," Pee-wee's Big Holiday," and "The Ridiculous Six."

It is rather shocking that Netflix would be revamping Pee-wee Herman and "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon." Additionally, in "The Ridiculous Six" Netflix has included the classic comedy dynamic duo of Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider. Perhaps sticking to the same movie ideas is safe; however, one would expect more originality from Netflix. To give Netflix a little credit, it has included actors such as Luke Wilson and Taylor Lautner in the Adam Sandler movie: a combination of actors whose results will be intriguing in the least.

No Monopoly in Media

Netflix has made some considerable advances in the media industry. Nonetheless, it is extremely unlikely that it will ever get close to a monopoly in media. Media is such a diverse field with many subcategories that feed to a variety of audiences through a multiplicity of platforms. If anything, Netflix will ensure stability in its place as one of the top companies in the entertainment industry. Still, with the rapid development of technology, a company has to be sure to keep up with the trends. Hopefully Netflix provides a vast amount of entertainment for years to come.

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