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Never Makes It Through

Updated on August 31, 2010

Verse 1

When the time comes here we are

the sky so precious like the world an stars


i'm starin up from this city to mars

and no one knows the memories that have been scarred


everytime when the new shits out

somebody has the nerve to scream an shout

no respect but its good to me

I still keep speaking like the mic was free

but its fine cause the time we have

moderately flows through this hour glass

just take a second to witness what you have

better keep it close or it might go bad

my names Yung an I ain't feelin' to good

still carvin' love on the surface of wood

what more is there to do

she clearly sent the bye

still in love with you

my wings are set to fly


Someday I will return

My heart is all for you but i will not stop

I keep sending my love for you

but sometimes it's like

it never makes it through

Fireworks Instrumental

[haha i need a girl to sing the Alicia Keys part]


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