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Never mind the Nay Sayers, just let them take a flying leap off a short pier.

Updated on August 22, 2012

Your happiness, is your own and not of others.

In the entertainment business,

I have talked with many people.

Whether they are Sag or Not,

actors, directors, stunt people,

anybody that works on sets..

they all told me one thing..

people that are haters

and Nay-Sayers.

Do not worry about them.

They are not in your realm.

When you are different and

are not within the limits,

of the norm of normal society,

people will never get what you are about.

Any artist that is creative,

will always have doubters.

The reason why,

is because the dreamers

are the ones that risk

everything, to make things happen for themselves.

People that sit on their butts and do nothing but

complain are the most unhappiness form of sub-human beings

on the planet.

Being who you truly are take courage.

You can't be afraid to totally put yourself

out there in the entertainment business,

because you will be in the public eye.

It doesn't matter if people don't like what you do.

It just matters that you are happy.

If people that you are around, are unhappy

with what you do, get away from them.

Find the people that are like yourself,

and it doesn't matter the background,

or where they come from.

It matters, to you, that you are growing,

and never stop growing and I don't mean,

sitting on a couch and becoming a blimp,

I mean growing, with your mind, body,

and spirit.

No offense to anyone, but

you can't sit on your butt complaining

day and day out and get somewhere,

you actually have to move, and get

off the couch to achieve your own


You start to become successful,

in your own way,

once you realize,

where your path begins.

That's exactly, what I did,

and I am speaking of experience,

just get up and take that first

baby step,

that's all you have to do.


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