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New Dallas Cast and Characters

Updated on June 19, 2012

Meet the New Dallas Cast and Characters

Watch the New Season of Dallas

New Dallas Cast

The Dallas TV show returned to our small screens in the summer of 2012. Many of the fans of the original Dallas were eager to rediscover their favorite cast and characters of Dallas. Although it has been 21 years since the final episode of Dallas, there were a small number of the original Dallas cast who make regular appearances in the New Dallas TV show. Fans got to meet some of the old and the new Dallas characters on TNT in a double episode on the the 13th of June 2012.

Many fans were be happy to see that the much loved, and sometimes hated, character of J. R Ewing returned in Dallas. Nothing can keep this oil tycoon away from Southfork Ranch no matter how much Bobby Ewing wishes it were so. And of course, the trio wouldn't be complete without the character Sue Ellen Ewing, to mix the pot at the crucial moment.

For new fans of Dallas there were plenty of new characters to sink your teeth into and yes they were all beautiful. The younger cast of Dallas continued the antics for which the original Dallas series was well known and loved.

Please continue reading if you wish to find out more about the new Dallas cast and characters and their roles and backgrounds in the new series.

Larry Hagman as J. R Ewing
Larry Hagman as J. R Ewing

J. R. Ewing

Larry Hagman as J. R. Ewing. I have to start with one of the most loved and hated characters from the original Dallas TV series. Many original fans will be happy to hear that J. R. Ewing returned in Dallas and was there to steer his son, John Ross Ewing III.

At the beginning of the first episode of the returning Dallas TV show, it looks like J. R. has aged like a fine wine and has some what mellowed. However, once his son starts having strained relations with his cousin, all bets are called off and J. R. comes out swinging, and in support of his son. Expect old rivalries to rear their ugly head but this should come as no surprise to audiences as Dallas was famous for this.

Larry Hagman's acting career goes all the way back to the 1950s. but has had a number of memorable roles such as Major Anthony Nelson on I Dream of Jeannie, Albert Miller on The Good Life, and of course his long running role as J. R Ewing on Dallas and the spin-off Knots Landing. More recently he has made appearances in Nip Tuck and Desperate Housewives.

Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing
Linda Gray as Sue Ellen Ewing

Sue Ellen Ewing

Linda Gray returned to Dallas to reprise her role as Sue Ellen Ewing. Sue Ellen was the wife of J. R. Ewing and mother of John Ross Ewing III. Her marriage to J. R. was rocky at times and she had problems with alcohol. However, she continues to love and support her son and do the best she can for him.

Linda Gray is an experienced actress and you might recognise her from her role as Priscilla Kelly in The Bold and the Beautiful.

Josh Henderson as John Ross III
Josh Henderson as John Ross III

John Ross Ewing III

John Ross Ewing III is played by Josh Henderson. John Ross is the son of J. R. and Sue Ellen Ewing and, like Christopher Ewing, wants to put the family back on the map. However, John Ross thinks they should extract the oil from Southfork Ranch. John Ross feels persecuted by his cousin and uncle and that they will never forgive him for being J. R.'s son.

Josh Henderson was also in Desperate Housewives and played Austin McCann.

Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos
Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos

Elena Ramos

Jordana Brewster as Elena Ramos. Elena Ramos is good looking and has managed to catch the eye of John Ross Ewing III. She supports him in his endeavours to drill oil on Southfork Ranch and is strong in her convictions. She is determined and motivated and knows what she wants.

Elena also has a strong connection with another Ewing that could cause a lot of strife and heartache.

Jordana Brewster got her first reoccurring role on the TV series As The World Turns as Nikki Munson. She then went on to appear in almost all The Fast and the Furious movies and even played a CIA operative gone bad on Chuck.

Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing
Patrick Duffy as Bobby Ewing

Bobby Ewing

Patrick Duffy returned to Dallas as J. R.'s young brother Bobby Ewing. Historically Bobby and J. R have rarely agreed on anything in life. J. R. wanted to access the oil on Southfork Ranch while Bobby wanted to look after the Ranch and keep it for generations to come. Bobby continues to support his son Christopher Ewing, but may have to fight the other half of the Ewing family again to get his way.

Bobby Ewing was a favorite amongst Dallas fans as he was the "good Ewing son".

Patrick Duffy has also had a long acting career and he also appeared in Knots Landing as Bobby Ewing. After his long standing role in Dallas, Patrick Duffy went on to star in the TV series Step by Step as Frank Lambert, aka Yo-Yo. He has most recently had a long running appearnace on The Bold and the Beautiful as Stephen Logan.

Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing
Brenda Strong as Ann Ewing

Ann Ewing

Brenda Strongs plays Ann Ewing, the wife of Bobby Ewing.

Brenda Strong did actually appear in the original Dallas TV series but not as Bobby Ewing wife. She was in a single episode and slept with one of the characters and then quickly disappeared again.

Brenda Strong was also in the cult movie classic Spaceballs and has had a number of smaller parts in TV series such as Twin Peaks, Scorch, Party of Five and Seinfeld, where she oddly played a character called Sue Ellen. However, most viewers will recognise her from her role of Mary Alice on Desperate Housewives. Mary Alice rarely makes an appearance on the show but she regularly provides narration.

Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing
Jesse Metcalfe as Christopher Ewing

Christopher Ewing

Jesse Metcalfe plays the son of Bobby Ewing, Christopher Ewing. Christopher is looking to put the Ewing family name back on top but wants to follow in his father's footsteps. He thinks oil is in the past and doesn't believe it's the way forward for the Ewing family. He;s a very modern man and believes in green energy. Christopher and his cousin John Ross don't always see eye to eye. Why does this sound familiar I wonder...

Jesse Metcalfe is some serious eye candy and is why he was originally cast in Desperate Housewives as John Rowland, the sexy young gardener that had an affair with Gabrielle Solis. From there he went on to play Luke Watson in Jerry Bruckheimer's Chase. I'm thinking this is the perfect role for Jesse Metcalfe and I have to say I am one of those women who can't wait to see him the new Dallas TV show.

Julie Gonzalo as Rebecca Sutter
Julie Gonzalo as Rebecca Sutter

Rebecca Sutter

Julie Gonzalo plays the role of Rebecca Sutter. Christopher Ewing is attracted to Rebecca Sutter and it's not long before she is brought into the family fold. If you love weddings then you would have loved the return of Dallas.

Julie Gonzalo started acting from a young age and was in the movie Freaky Friday. She then went on to play Parker Lee on Veronica Mars, and Maggie Dekker on Eli Stone.

Who's Your Favourite New Dallas Character

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The new Dallas TV show cast picked up 21 years later. This allowed the show to hopefully make a transition from the old to the new.

Although original Dallas fans will look forward to seeing their old favorites again and see how they have weathered the years, it's great for new audiences that the show is being rejuvenated with young blood to lead the show forward and into the future.

I hope Dallas lasts at least a few years and becomes a popular TV show again. I think the new Dallas cast have been well chosen to perform this task.


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    • profile image

      Emma davies 5 years ago

      Loved the new series and good to see they kept the humour in the firm of JR's eyebrows!!!

    • profile image

      Lori 5 years ago

      Very happy to see some of the old crew back on the show. I'm really hoping there will be someone like Cliff Barnes and Ray Krebbs. GO DALLAS! Happy Happy Happy

    • profile image

      marlene 5 years ago

      can't wait for the new dallas series although i wish pam was with bobby they were my fav .

    • Lauryallan profile image

      Lauryallan 6 years ago

      Yes I have heard some of those rumours too and will add them to the Hub once they have become official. I am looking forward to it a lot too!

    • Goldentvmemories profile image

      Goldentvmemories 6 years ago from London.

      I am SO looking forward to Dallas returning. I've heard that Lucy also makes an appearance and there have been rumours (only rumours) about Pam too. I wait with bated breath. Thanks for the hub, I enjoyed it.