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New Drama Thriller South African Produced TV Series Launching on Amazon Video

Updated on October 4, 2017

Get a little bit obsessed with "OBSESSION"

Obsession is an International Drama-Thriller Television Series created by Nicho Barnard. The show is set to make their mark in TV when it releases worldwide on Amazon Video in 2018. Despite the show being an international show, the TV Series is produced, locally, in South Africa - by South African Directors, Producers and features South African Actors.

This marks the first of a kind to have ever been done where a South African Produced Show hits international waters amongst the other brilliant TV shows out there. An exciting milestone as the first TV Series to be produced in South Africa, by a South African Production Company released on Amazon Worldwide.

The show will feature some well-known South African Actors and some brand new faces, but it has also been rumored that some International Actors might make cameo appearances later on.

We are very exciting for the release of Obsession. It's a story that is griping and that will entertain audiences from the start. Expect a lot of suspense, murder, mystery, lies, deceit, a little bit of love and romance and a whole lot of fashion!

The show is definitely unique. A must watch!

— Nicho Barnard, (Executive Producer & Showrunner)

Premise of Obsession

From a distance, Lakewood is represented like any other small community. However, when one takes a closer look they discover that it is a place buried under the ashes of deceit, secrets and dirty little lies. The series starts twenty years after an accident which shook the foundation of this quaint little town. Christal de Waal, a young aspiring fashion designer, moves back to Lakewood to uncover the mysteries of her family’s past. Her arrival attracts unwanted attention which stirs up a series of events. By default, Christal develops friendships and unlikely alliances with the local popular kids in town. Together they need to balance the brutal demands of their developing careers along with the untimely deaths and threats received by an unknown entity. Thrown into a plethora of crossroads, the group is forced to make decisions, which could drastically alter the course of their lives.

Controlling Idea and Theme?

“Every action has an equal and opposite reaction” and very often the “sins of the father will be laid upon his son”. Life is made up of a series of crossroads between what is deemed virtuous, versus what is considered as immoral. The decisions we make in life, constantly result in consequences and very often in a domino effect, ripples through to those around us.

This series deals with the concept that every town has its secrets and with every secret, comes the underlying lengths that one would


Obsession was previously known as "The Crossing" when it was first created. Initially the show's pilot episode was picked up by a local South African Broadcaster. However, after numerous factors, the producers pulled the show from the broadcasting network and ventured to a new network. In September, 2017 - It was announced that the show was officially signed and picked up to series to be distributed worldwide on Amazon Video.

The show (The Crossing) was initially created as a limited series of 13-episode seasons. However after the pilot was picked up by the South African Network, they ordered a 26-episode season 1. However, after the producers pulled out from the initial network and signed on with Amazon, the show was announced to release 22-episodes for their first season, which will debut sometime around May 2018 on Amazon Video. So far no official date is released for the premiere, and the specific broadcasting day is not confirmed, but it was said that the show will broadcast on Amazon once a week at 8/7 Central US Time.

The show's name was changed from "The Crossing" to "Obsession" after it was signed on by Amazon due to the fact that there is already a show "The Crossing" on ABC Network.

Currently, all social media platforms are still known as "The Crossing" but producers did confirm via Facebook that they are busy rebranding

Coming Up...

We will be posting an interview with the Executive Producer and Showrunner, Nicho Barnard, very soon. Be sure to check back to read all about this exciting new TV Series


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    • profile image

      Nicho Barnard 

      2 years ago

      Amazing Article. Wow! Thanks Mac from TV Fanatics.


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