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New Highly Rated TV Shows on Netflix

Updated on May 7, 2015

Need something fun to watch on Netflix? These five shows are all popular and on Netflix – Most are full of teenage-to-adult humor, so the suggestions are best for anyone who can handle harsh language, violence, and/or adult situations.

Attack on Titan

This anime series is full of action, drama, and super creepy giants. After mysterious, human-eating "titans" appear on earth and begin eating the human race, the surviving population builds walls to keep their new foes out.

This 25-episode anime tells the tale of Eren Yeager, his friends, and all of the remaining survivors as they launch attacks against the titans in an effort to save what is left of humanity.

As if the premise isn't different enough, there are even more surprises unfolded with each episode.

An Idiot Abroad

Fans of travel shows and unscripted entertainment may enjoy this comedy show. Karl Pilkington has some "quaint" views of the world, so his friend Ricky Gervais decided to throw him out into the wild, where he must face his previously formed notions and step out of his comfort zone. The results are often uncomfortable for Karl and hilarious for us.

There are three seasons of An Idiot Abroad on Netflix, totaling 19 episodes of world traveling and facepalming.


Reflecting comedian Marc Maron's dark and eccentric personality, Maron is a scripted comedy that stars a fictionalized version of Marc, as played by himself.

The modern comedy in this show is ideally appealing to anyone who can relate to the hilarity that an online feud can bring, those who aren't afraid to laugh at episodes revolving around dead possums, and anyone who wants to get a peek into the life of a comedian who finds himself in strange situations.

Murder, She Wrote

Murder, She Wrote

This show probably isn't new or shiny to anyone, but when a classic show with 264 episodes makes its way to the most popular video streaming site on the Web, it's worth noting. Perfect for a Sunday afternoon of nostalgia, you can view all twelve seasons of Murder, She Wrote, starting the iconic Angela Lansbury as the novel writer and do-it-herself detective, Jessica Fletcher.

Property Wars

If you've watched every episode of Storage Wars and you can never find a new episode of any of the pawn store shows on TV, check out both seasons of Property Wars, which were recently added to Netflix.

Instead of bidding on storage units, the buyers on this show have to make even huger investments by bidding on entire homes that may be filled with treasure or a huge bank account deficit.


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