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New Movies coming in 2012- A multipreview

Updated on May 21, 2012

Great Movies are coming!

What to see and what to pass on!

2012 will be a big movie year filled with flops, must sees, unique flicks, and the same old stuff. This is my attempt to tell you (judging by the trailers) what you should see and what you should run away from. Movies are expensive these days, so I hope this helps.

What I am looking forward too-

Prometheus: No question about it, I am looking forward to this one, above all of the others! This of course, is the prequel to and explanation of the Alien Movies. Ridely Scott is behind the big P. and it looks awesome! I only have one slight concern...I hope that Guy Pierce and Charlize Theron don't ruin what should be a masterpiece! But like I said, it is a slight concern. The action, suspense and horror look intense. Well, it is Aliens! Buckle in and get ready for this summer's big smash!

6 Degrees of Hell- Though I am normally not a huge fan of this genre, 6 degrees looks like it follows the Final Destination route, more than the Last House on the Left, or the Urban Legends path. There is nothing wrong with those 2 movies, but the silver screen needs something different and bold. This is it! I can't wait for this nightmare to descend upon Hollywood! It looks hard core and very intense, so do not see this one alone!

Wrath of the Titans- I'm not super enthused, but it looks good. Liam returns as Zeus and things on Earth, couldn't be worse.

What should be good -

John Carter: This looks like a great summer action flick with excellent c.g.i. and good acting. Since its Disney, I think it could be a must see blockbuster. I am just not 100% sold yet.

Taken 2: I am a little leary of this one, but the first was so good, that I will definitely check this one out.

Smiley: A graphic suspense thriller that impresses me so far. I like Keith David's and the main character, as well as the creepy premise that will make this one stand out. Definitely don't see this alone either. Its on my list of must sees until I hear differently.

Dark Shadows: This looks great so far. Like him or not, I think Johnny Depp carries this one to huge success!

Hunger Games- The popular book has inspired the biggest smash hit in 2012! It looks like it was done in a excellent fashion and stay true to the book.

What the jury is still out on-

Men in Black 3- I like this franchise, I want to see how this one unfolds. Agent K dies mysteriously, and to save the world J ( Will Smith) must go back in time and discover what has happened.This could be a typical conspiracy movie, it could be funny and well done, I'm just not sure yet.

Dragon Ball Z- It won't get good reviews I bet, but I will probably check it out.

What to avoid-

Mega Man: This is more like Mega Crap! Don't waste your time!

Avatar 2: All hype, no good.

Aliens vs Predator 3: Save your money for Prometheus!

My surprise smash-

As much as I thought that this was a bad idea, the trailers look really good.

Larry and Moe get the job done and I think Will Sasso will steal the show as Curly! The 3 Stooges.

I left out the Marvel and DC Comic Movies because most will go see them regardless of the reviews.

Enjoy the great ones this summer!


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