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New Must Watch on Netflix: Anchor Baby

Updated on June 10, 2020

New Netflix Movie

New Netflix Movie: Anchor Baby

A new movie has just come out on Netflix called Anchor Baby. Anchor Baby, is a Nigerian-American movie that speaks about the steps that one goes through to have what they believe is a better life. The movie shows a Nigerian couple who went to the United States of America for a period of time, but overstayed their visa. they did it under the guise that they were pregnant and they wanted their child to be born in the US to secure his/her citizenship thereby ensuring a better life for this child. While there, trying their best to stay under the radar and still care for themselves, the husband gets himself accidentally caught by immigration officials and deported. The wife is left by herself, no family or friend, to carry put their goal of having the baby overseas, no valid documentation. She had to take care of herself by getting a new place to stay, some way to make money, visit the doctor without getting caught and keep in contact with her husband who was now back in Nigeria.

The American Dream

In the movie, it is very plain to see that the couple sincerely believed that staying in America was the best thing for their baby's future, and that doing everything they possible can to ensure that he stays is the most important thing. The land where opportunities are endless is their drive and motivation, and this determination was enough to make them desperate. Some might say the level of naivete in the movie was a bit much, as the woman seemed to be, just blindly, going along with everything. I think however, that the main point the writer is trying to bring across is either; do not put yourself in a situation where desperation causes you to do anything/everything, or not everything that glitters is gold, some things are indeed too good to be true. This movie brings across a profound message from its, seemingly exaggerated, copy of real life. It opens the eyes of those who want to be blind to con artists and deceivers, that are, not only in America but around the world.

A Must See: Anchor Baby

Anchor Baby highlights a series of difficulties for Immigrants worldwide. It highlights the restrictive nature of immigrant rights/accommodations, the negative results of desperation, the burdening responsibilities of a mother, and the unfeeling nature of society in the face of rules or proper procedure. Also brought to the forefront in a twisted sort of way, is the despair of trying, but still not being able to have a child of your own. All of these topics and more are addressed within this piece, with a message at the end, inclusive of quotes made by famous black people including, former US president Barack Obama.

If you are one to enjoy an international movie, while still keeping the air of America in it, something with a message that speaks to your heart and your mind, but not taking away from the educative content, then this movie is definitely for you. Spoiler alert: you might shed a tear or two at the end, but it is definitely worth the watch.

If you are already a watcher of African movies, the show, though set in America still has actors whom you might already love, the picture quality is really good, and the sound issues you usually have on some other films, you will not have that here. This is a real life inspired work of art, with a lesson embedded about being cautious with your life. Happy viewing, and say you got this from Jo-Literacy.


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