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New Politically Correct Terms. A must read!

Updated on November 20, 2014

No one is off limits!

Say this, not that!

Welcome! This is meant for fun only! So, only fun comments will be allowed.

Political correctness is out of control, right?

Whether or not you think so, this will be a fun read.

Here are some terms, and I hope you enjoy! First, I write "what not to say" then I tell you the new thing "to say" forever and from now on!

-What not to say- Older or retired citizen. What to say- Vintage or Classic American

-What Not to say- Dog/mutt or cat/kitty. What to say- K9 American and Feline American

-What not to say- Blind, handicapped/disabled. What to say- Optically Unique, Prefers a wheelchair, unique traveler.

-What not to say- Stupid, idiotic, or moron. What to say- IQ Deficiant, Intellectually under developed.

-What not to say- Jerk, Jackass What to say- Socially under developed, deseased personality wise.

- What not to say- Lazy What to say- Enery delpleted or motivationally challenged.

I have more to come! But while you wait, please tell me some of your favories!


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