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New Releases On Netflix Streaming In June 2014

Updated on June 13, 2014
Adèle Exarchopoulos stars in Blue is the Warmest Color
Adèle Exarchopoulos stars in Blue is the Warmest Color
5 stars for Netflix Streaming

Netflix has a streaming library of thousands of movies and shows. Each month they cull some from the library and add new releases. This site will update a list of new releases as that information becomes available.

Recently Netlix has been releasing what new offerings it will be releasing approximately 3-6 weeks prior to it being available on the service.

Netflix releases new material on a weekly basis so check back as this listing will be updated weekly.

Netflix Raising Prices

Currently Netflix is $7.99 per month. By the end of the summer Netflix expects to raise it's rates to $9.99 per month to increase profit and also be able to acquire more up to date movies.

Netflix has been $7.99 since 2010 and so it's due for a rate hike. $9.99 is still a good deal considering all of the movies, shows and original content Netflix has to offer its customers.

The Amazon streaming service, one of Netlix's main competitors recently raised their rates from $79 per year to $99 per year without much loss to their subscriber base.

It's unlikely Netflix will lose many if any of it's nearly 40 million subscribers over a couple of bucks.

And hopefully, Netflix will pour the extra money back into the company making more original content and paying licensing fees for newer content along the lines of what is available at Redbox and other such venues, because although Netflix is a great product, lets face it, many of their movie offerings currently are quite stale.

New Movies and Shows

Across the Universe
Adams's Family Values
Annie Hall
Are We Done Yet
Bad Santa
Basic Instinct
Becoming Jane
Blood & Chocolate
Blue Car
Brian's Song
Bridget Jones Diary
Buffalo Soldiers
Can't Buy Me Love
Carrie (Original)
City of God
Clear and Present Danger
12 Angry Men
A River Runs Through It
Cold Mountain
Division III
Ever After
First Knight
Five Easy Pieces
17 Miracles
After the Wedding
All Things Fall Apart
Apenas o Fim
Born Free
Bringing Up Bobby
Cool It
Eating Out

A River Runs Through It

You Might Have Missed: Blue is the Warmest Color

Although it has been available since April many have still not seen the award winning French film, Blue is the Warmest Color.

The film scored a 90% fresh rating on the site, Rotten Tomatoes, meaning 90% of critics gave the movie positive reviews. 86% of audience members liked the movie.

The film depicts a lesbian relationship between a 15 year old girl and her 20 something year old lover. The film has caused some controversy due to it's graphic sex scenes, some lasting quite long. The film clocks in at slightly over three hours so although there are many lengthy sex scenes there is still very much a plot with detailed character development.

Of Blue is the Warmest Color, Tom Clift of Moviedex states, "A tender, at times devastating portrayal of the lifespan of a relationship, one that's as convincing and intimate as any you've ever seen on screen."

The film is in French with English subtitles but is worth the effort.

Blue is the Warmest Color is available on Netflix streaming.

Clear and Present Danger

New Netflix Original

Netflix is currently in negotiations to produce a new show called, The Crown. It's reported that The Crown will have a bigger budget than Netflix's other hits, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black.

The Crown, is about the Royal Family, specifically Queen Elizabeth the II and the show will follow her life through several historical events throughout her life.

Nexflix has expanded it's customer base by producing their own shows and they look to add to the stable of high quality original offerings with The Crown.

Cold Mountain

Star Trek Into Darkness


Feeling Lucky?

Can't find anything to watch on Netflix? Take the decision making out of equation and use Netflix Roulette which will pick a movie or show for you to watch at random.

Netflix Roulette is a fun way to find something to watch when you'yre bored and you are almost guaranteed to find some movies or shows you would not have thought of viewing on your own.

Don Jon


Netflix Originals

Which is your favorite?

See results

Netflix Originals

Netflix continues to produce some excellent shows such as House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Derek, Lillyhammer and Hemlock Grove.

The second season of Derek came out May 30th and the second season of Orange is the New Black comes out this summer.

The second season of the award winning series House of Cards, starring Kevin Spacey is available now on Netflix streaming.

Although Netflix does not release the number of times it's original shows they recently stated that Orange is the New Black is the all time leader in number of views on it's service.

I have been conducting an unofficial poll for several months which bears this out, Orange is the New Black takes the top spot with House of Cards a close second. Derek, Lillyhammer and Hemlock Grove appear to have a niche audience and don't get streamed nearly as much as the top two.

Hemlock Grove is akin to some teenage demographic shows such as Teen Wolf, Lillyhammer is quirky and not quite like anything currently offered on television, both are good shows. Derek is an under-appreciated gem, the show starring Ricky Gervais is both hilarious and touching.


Rectify is probably one of the better shows you have never heard of. A man convicted of rape and murder at 18 spends 20 years of his life in prison until he is proved innocent via DNA.

What makes the show so compelling is that this has and does occur in our prison system. Innocent people spend decades locked up, get proved innocent and tossed back out into the world with barely an apology.

The 6 episode season of Rectify is available on Netflix streaming.

Alpha House

Amazon Prime

A nice addition or alternative to Netflix Streaming is Amazon Prime. For $99 per year you get access to thousands of movies and shows on the Amazon Prime service including Amazon originals such as Alpha House and Betas.

In addition to their streaming service you also get the added perk of free shipping on most Amazon products. Given that you can now buy almost anything on Amazon from food to bicycles this is a great value. The shipping costs you save alone will pay for the Amazon Prime service itself.

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