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New Tom Waits Album - Bad As Me

Updated on December 8, 2011

Will Tom Waits Tour for Bad as Me

Update: The burning question on my mind, and the minds of many of Tom Waits' devotees, is whether or not he will tour for Bad As Me.

I think he will.

He toured after the Orphans project, for Glitter and Doom, and there wasn't an album attached. I think that is almost a guarantee that he will tour for Bad as Me. This is, of course, just my wishful opinion, but I think it is clear that he has thrown in a great deal of heart and soul into this album. Waits enjoys his fans, and I think that will lead to good news for us.

Tom Waits New Album - Bad As Me

Much to the delight of his legion of dedicated fans, Tom Waits is back with a new album - Bad as Me - his first studio set since 2004’s Real Gone. And for those who appreciate the Tom Waits style, a brand of lyrical and musical eccentricity that has given Waits what few entertainers ever get - the freedom to make music on your own terms - the new album delivers.

Tom Waits is a singer with many arrows in his quiver. He can produce beautiful, soft ballads, then shift into a crazy street preacher, mixing in accordions, hurdy-gurdies, and drum beats from a junkyard that sound like they could be in a hip-hop sample. His vocal prowess leaves one wondering how a man known mainly for his gruff baritone can have the range to pull off a falsetto, especially a man who admits he put much effort into intentionally roaching his vocal chords with cigarettes and regular screaming sessions into pillows. His new album once again allows the singer-songwriter to test the bounds of experimentation and reinvention, as well as his trusty voice.

Bad as Me consists of 13 tracks, and all boast Waits’ unique metaphorical structure. His songs have a way of coming alive because they cause you to feel different, and his prose seems so authentic as if his throat is connected to a Victrola wired to the turn of the century. Singles from the album will be "Bad As Me," a raucous number, and the romantic ballad "Back in the Crowd."

Will Tom Waits Tour for Bad As Me?

Fans will be eager to learn the real news - whether Waits will soon tour for the new album. He has not toured since the 2008 Glitter and Doom tour, which was not in conjunction with a large scale release of new material. Due to high demand, many fans were not able to see Waits live in 2008, and every time he plays is often viewed as potentially his last. This is due to his infamous disdain for the spotlight and seeming lack of desire to do things just for money.

While the release of a new album is a good opportunity to find new fans, accessing an artist like Tom Waits takes an open mind and some dedication. For some, it comes instantly, on the first listen. But for others, it comes from a serious study of his discography, which dates to 1973 with his debut, Closing Time.

Whether you are a longtime fan or are interested in discovering "new" music, you owe it to yourself to at least see what the hype is about with Tom Waits.


UPDATE: If you get the opportunity, spring for the Deluxe Limited Version with the hardcover book of photos and lyrics. This two disc set of 13 songs, after many listens, just gets better and better.

The big question remains: will Tom Waits tour for Bad as Me? And if so, when?

Tom Waits New Album Preview - Bad As Me


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    • marriedwithdebt profile image

      marriedwithdebt 6 years ago from Illinois

      Hey Chaval - this album has turned into something great, in my opinion, and I agree with your thought about the best since Mule Variations. Hopefully he tours soon - I wasn't able to see him a few years ago, but I did see him on the Glitter and Doom Tour, which was amazing.

    • Chaval profile image

      Chaval 6 years ago from UK

      I've listened to this album about 20 times now and it's getting better with every listen. Hell Broke Loose is genuinely strange, even for Waits, managing to be both disturbing, angry and funny, sometimes in the same verse. I think this might be his best since Mule Variations.

    • Joe Friedman profile image

      Joe Friedman 6 years ago from Chicago, Il

      Thanks MWD, I'm a big Waits fan, seeing him first in 1978. What a character.