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New Vogue Dances: Foxtrots: Charmaine, Merrilyn

Updated on September 30, 2010

For an Introduction to New Vogue Dance: see my article here

Introduction to New Vogue Dance Style

There are 5 recognised competition foxtrots in the New Vogue style of dance. The approximate order of increasing difficulty they are:
  • Merrilyn

  • Charmaine

  • Carousel

  • Barclay Blues

  • Excelsior Schottische.

Charmain: Shadow Hold
Charmain: Shadow Hold

The first 3 dances all feature the woman in shadow hold where she dances in front of the man with her back to him. The semi-shadow hold is similar but the woman's right arm is not held by the man is free to move as she wants to style the dance.

At top levels the difference in dancers is often their body position and shape which is emphasised by the arm styling. Top dancers can seem to float through the air and control the timing of the music, rather than the timing controlling them.

ExcelsiorSchottische and Carousel

You will have to follow the link on the right to view this video - it won't embed for me. This is a demonstration by two New Zealand dancers who are now based in London. They haven't danced New Vogue for a number of years but can still put together a lovely routine. T

he introduction without music is impressive - its hard to get the timing spot on as Philip does. The initial sequence is standard Foxtrot, but moves into an Excelsior Schottische at 1.02 on the timer. The Excelsior starrts in standard ballroom hold but then the lady pivots out of an over-sway to being in the front of the man in shadow position for the second ½ of the dance which also features a large number of changes of direction, which makes this the most difficult of the foxtrots. After another sequence of foxtrot, Keri turns out to shadow to start the Carousel (timer 1.55) which is lovely dance combining elements seen in the much simpler Merrilyn with some beautiful lines and arms in the second half. The Carousel ends (timer 2.30) and the routine finishes in foxtrot again.


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