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New Vogue Dances: Waltzes

Updated on March 17, 2011

New Vogue Waltzes

For an Introduction to New Vogue Dance see:

New Vogue Dance Style

There are 5 recognised competition waltzes in the New Vogue style of dance. In approximate order of level of difficulty they are;

  • Parma Waltz

  • Swing Waltz

  • Tracey-Leigh Waltz

  • Lucille Waltz

  • Twilight Waltz

Dancers Photo by: joanniesaurus
Dancers Photo by: joanniesaurus

The waltzes are danced to a slow Viennese rather than the slow waltz of Ballroom Waltz. Music is in ¾ time with a speed of approximately 130 beats per minute. The lilt or swing that is typical of waltzes makes the New Vogue waltzes quite difficult to dance, requiring good balance to manage both their speed and movement.

The exception is the Parma Waltz which has slow locking steps and little movement, and is therefore, although the easiest, is not a popular dance with most dancers.

Swing Waltz - Beginner's Version

Swing Waltz the Expert's Version

Swing Waltz

The Swing Waltz is a fairly simple dance - and is taught in many beginner's classes. But as these two videos show - there is Swing Waltz and then there is Swing Waltz. 

The first video has the steps right (though the lady stumbles some times) -  but there is no footwork - no use of toes and heel leads and no use of the legs. Because of this there is hardly any movement. The couple in the second video is probably covering as much distance in their first 3 steps as the beginner couple does in the entire sequence! 

To be fair the second couple are dancing in an "Open" division so can use more interesting armlines - but hard though it might be to believe the steps are exactly the same - the difference is the technique which give the movement and body flight. 

Tracey-Leigh Waltz

Tracey-Leigh Waltz is notoriously easy to confuse the beginning with the Swing Waltz - - there is a lock at the start in the Tracey - Leigh - most experienced dancers will have had that arm tugging sensation when one of you did the lock and one didn't!  This dance doesn't progress much as there as many steps facing back up the line of dance as there is going down - which can be an issue if you get stuck behind a couple that is not moving much. 

Lucille Waltz - Beginner's Version

Lucille Waltz

A beautiful dance - but tricky - there are lots of changes in timing - but you probably won't see it in the beginners version in the first video - but check out what its really supposed to look like. The art is getting the upper body to float and appear to move slowly though in fact the footwork is fast! 

The lady in the first video is making the classic mistake of just waving her arm around - the arms are an extension of the sides of the body - if you are not moving and shaping your body your arm shouldn't be doing anything! 

Lucille Waltz Danced Well


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    • profile image

      Salsa Dancing 8 years ago

      Hi I've watched a lot of waltz videos on youtube, I do a lot of salsa, but would like to try waltz.Do you think it's easy to pickup on waltz aftr doing 1 year of salsa?