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New York Lullaby

Updated on July 14, 2009
Photo by straybullet / flickr
Photo by straybullet / flickr

Drips drop from the ceiling,

They hit the floor with feeling,

Tapping out the tune to 'I love you.'

Rivers cross my bedroom,

Flooding out my headroom,

Trying to keep my thoughts from swimming through.

Roaches on my pillow dancing, the old soft shoe.

Spiders cross my blanket prancing one-skip-two.

The humming of the pipes entrancing,

Whispering to me romancing

Telling me of you.

In the bathroom there's no window,

The flies all buzz crescendo,

The harmony will knock you off your feet.

Silverfish are sliding,

In the drainpipe they're colliding,

Man them bugs can keep a steady beat.

Plaster from the ceiling falls like snowflakes onto ice,

The creaking of the floorboards, it calms me very nice,

No matter how depression tries

To look me squarely in the eyes,

My friends give me advice.

Pigeons at my window,

Singing clear soprano,

The dust bunnies are dancing a ballet.

The ballet's name is 'Love Lost,'

Admission is at no cost,

It's playing in my mind most every day.

The ballet is a touching tale of how a boy lost love.

How he copes with losing it and the elements above,

The story's never ending,

The climax is depending,

On what his girl is thinkin' of.

Clock ticks off the hours,

Someone's taking showers,

The water washes memories down the drain.

Unreleased obsession,

Claims my soul's possession,

And plays into my mind the same refrain.

Roaches on my pillow dancing, the old soft shoe.

Spiders cross my blanket prancing one-skip-two.

The humming of the pipes entrancing,

Whispering to me romancing

Telling me of you.

No matter how depression tries,

To look me squarely in the eyes,

My friends will pull me through.

(Copyright: 2009  Christopher T. Reilly, All Rights Reserved)


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