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Nicholas Hoult

Updated on September 2, 2014
Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Quick Facts

-Hoult is 6'2

-He was a choir boy and used to play the trombone

-Nicholas was hit by a double decker bus while performing a stunt for one of his movies. Hoult left with only a bruised head.

-The first thing Hoult bought after making "About A Boy" was a new bike

Early Life

Nicholas Hoult was born as Nicholas Caradoc Hoult on December 7, 1989 in Wokingham, Berkshire, England. Hoult is the third of four children. Nicholas's mother is a piano teacher and his father is a pilot for British Airways. Hoult's brother's name is James and his two sisters are named Clarista and Rosanna. Nicholas does have family that was in the acting world prior to his entrance to the art of acting in the form of his great aunt who was an actress.

When Hoult was only seven years old he made his acting debut in the film "Intimate Relations." After appearing in the film "Intimate Relations" Nicholas starred in various television shows such as "Casualty", "Silent Witness", "Ruth Rendell Mysteries", "The Bill", "Magic Granddad", "Holby City", "Walking Dead", "Doctors", and "World of the Pub."

Nicholas Hoult's Big Break

It was in 2002 when Hoult landed the role that would finally bring him some recognition in the acting world. Nicholas landed the role of Marcus Brewer starring opposite of Hugh Grant in the movie "About A Boy." The film went on to gross over $130 million dollars. In "About A Boy" Nicholas plays a young boy who is the son of a suicidal mother. Nicholas's character tries to hook his mom up with Hugh Grant's character to help cheer his mom up and in the process Hoult's character and Grant's character develop a special bond with each other. It's a heartwarming story about finding yourself as a child and discovering who you are as an adult.

After the success of "About A Boy" Nicholas landed the role of Tony Stonem in the first two seasons of the teen television show "Skins." He starred as the lead character for 19 episodes in 2007-2008.

Hoult's next most successful movie was in 2011 with the film "X-Men First Class" , which Hoult played the character of Hank McCoy a.k.a. Beast. It was in this movie that Hoult would begin dating fellow up and coming star Jennifer Lawrence.

Soon Hoult would be casted in the film adaptation of Isaac Marion's best selling book "Warm Bodies." In the movie Nicholas plays the part of a zombie who falls in love with a girl after eating her boyfriend. Hoult was the leading male in the movie and he proved that he could bring in high box office numbers on his own. "Warm Bodies" grossed a total of $116 million.

After the success of "Warm Bodies" Nicholas was once again cast as the lead in another movie based off of a book called "Jack the Giant Slayer." Hoult played the character of Jack who stumbles across some magic beans after selling his horse at the market. This big budget movie ended up being a failure at the box office and a hit to Hoult's acting career. The movie cost $200 million dollars to make but only made $197 million at the box office. The film lost money and Hoult hit a snag on his way to becoming a leading man.

After the flop of "Jack The Giant Slayer" Hoult was lucky enough to return back to one of his most coveted roles in "X Men: Days of Future Past." The movie grossed over $745 million dollars. This restored Hollywood's faith in Hoult and he is set to star in a multitude of movies over the next few years.

You can catch Nicholas in "Mad Max:Fury Road", "Kill Your Friends", "Equals", and "Dark Places."

Hoult and Lawrence
Hoult and Lawrence

Personal Life

Nicholas's most high profile relationship has been with co-star Jennifer Lawrence. Lawrence and Hoult met in 2010 while filming "X-Men: First Class." The two dated from 2010 to January 2013. However, the two broke up briefly in January 2013 but a short six months later they rekindled their romance in July of 2013 while filming "X-Men: Days of Future Past." However, once again the two broke up again in August 2014.

Recently Hoult has been linked to his co-star from "Equals" Kristen Stewart who starred in the "Twilight" movies. Stewart is known to fall for her co-stars in her movies but now-a-days she may be most well know for cheating on fellow "Twlight" star Robert Pattinson with the director of one of her movies.

Nicholas Hoult
Nicholas Hoult

Clips of Hoult

Movies and Clips with Nicholas Hoult

Hugh Grant and Hoult in "About a Boy"
Hugh Grant and Hoult in "About a Boy"


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