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Nickelodeon Game Shows

Updated on September 12, 2008

Double Dare and Its Spin-Offs

Double Dare first aired on Nickelodeon in 1986. It had several spin-offs including Super Sloppy Double Dare, Family Double Dare, and Double Dare 2000. The show included a trivia part and dare parts. In the dare parts the contestants took on different usualy messy challenges. At the end of the episode the team with the highest score did a final obstacle course to earn prizes.

Figure it Out

Figure It Out was a game show with various kid contestants with a secret talent that the celebrity panel tried to figure out based on clues and the number of words in it. When the talent was guessed or the talent was not guessed at the end of the final round the contestant showed off their talent.

Finders Keepers

Finders Keepers about finding things. In the first part the contestants searched for things hidden in pictures. In the second part they searched the stage house to find items.

Nickelodeon GAS

In Nickelodeon GAS three contestants competed in extreme sports to win a piece of the Agro Crag. The show has a spin-off of it starting this month (September 2008) with families competing instead of just kids, which is kind of how the spin offs of Double Dare went. The new show is called My Family's Got GUTS.

Get the Picture

Get the Picture was another hidden picture game. In this one the contestants tried to guess the big picture made up of 16 different small screens. The rounds included connecting the dots and other challenges.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

Legend of the HIdden Temple was mostly a physical activity challenge game in which teams of two competed to get into the temple and search for artifacts and get out successfully for a prize. There was also one part involving trivia about the legend for the episode.

Nick Arcade

Nick Arcade is a game show focused on video gaming. The contestants competed in different video game challenges, although often they were not that great at video games really.

Think Fast!

Think Fast! was a Nickelodeon game show a lot like Password and Beat the Clock. In the show contestants competed in various phyiscal and mental challenges that required fast thinking.

What Would You Do?

In What Would You Do? contestants were placed in a variety of awkward situations and had to figure out what they would do.

Wild and Crazy Kids

Wild and Crazy Kids was a show with teams of kids competing in extreme versions of playgrounds games in a field day like competition.


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    • profile image

      cat 4 years ago


    • profile image

      Brian 7 years ago

      What about releasing the old Double Dare on dvd with Marc Summers? They were far superior!

    • kjscrafts profile image

      kjscrafts 7 years ago from Tucson, AZ

      This site is not at all affiliated with Nickelodeon. As of now they have not mentioned releasing Double Dare 2000 on DVD. I kind of doubt they will, as game shows very rarely get DVD releases. If you want to try to get them to release it, then I suggest sending them your request through the official Nickelodeon website or mail.

    • profile image

      brendan  7 years ago

      for the last few days you guys haven't been writing to me about double dare 2000 nickelodeon coming out on dvd so make sure you respond back to me brendan hynes

    • profile image

      brendan  7 years ago

      i really want you guys to make a double dare 2000 nickelodeon seasons 1 and 2 on dvd or a complete series of double dare 2000. why do you have double dare online and not double dare 2000 online. so start putting double dare 2000 online on dvds there are 67 episodes that you can put on dvd from 1 to 67.i seen other shows on ioffer like nickelodeon guts and legends of the hidden temple so start putting double dare 2000 nickelodeon on dvd episodes 1 to 67.i'm waiting for an answer about double dare 2000 coming out on dvd

    • profile image

      brendan 8 years ago

      is it okay for you guys to put nickelodeon double dare 2000 on dvd both seasons all 67 episodes because i want that show to come out on dvd

    • profile image

      MsNessa 8 years ago

      i remember these shows!!!!!!!!