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Nikita -- Daddy Issues

Updated on October 30, 2011

Is Alex so arrogant she really thinks she can play Percy?

This episode began with Alex going into a church confessional to contact Nikita. She was disappointed Nikita wasn't there in person. Is she really that dumb? After the last time she arranged to meet with Nikita she tried to set her up? Proving she is indeed dumb, she thinks she's being all clever and double-crossing Percy. Instead Percy played her like a fiddle.

Percy told Alex there was a dossier on Semak on the black box, and since he remembers everything on the black box, he'll tell her what was in it if she gets him a box of cigars. Instead she contacts Nikita and asks her to give her the dossier on the black box.

Alex also doesn't realize The Cleaner is watching her. She really isn't the hot-shot all-knowing agent she thinks she is.

When Birkhoff looks through the black box contents he finds no such dossier. This is the moment Ashton Kutcher should show up and yell in Alex's face, "You've just been punked!"

What Birkhoff, Nikita and Michael do find out is info on Nikita's real parents. Nikita has always known that her mother is dead, but her father has always remained a mystery. In a flashback, Nikita attacks her instructor when he taunts her about being an orphan. Afterwards, Percy and Amanda want to cancel Nikita, but Michael gets them to let him to work with Nikita to try and get through to her so she isn't killed.

Nikita is determined to find her real father, even though that means she and Michael will have to break into a CIA file room to find information on him. Carrying over from last week, Nikita didn't tell Michael the truth about Max and it's eating her up. She seems about to reveal the truth to Michael, but he mistakes it for Nikita being pregnant. When she says she isn't, Michael says good. Having a baby in their situation would be a nightmare, especially considering what's to follow in this episode.

Percy tells Amanda he's given her a 24 hour window of opportunity to catch Nikita, in exchange he wants to be transported to an above-ground facility. He then reveals he set Alex up to bait a trap for Nikita. Amanda, however, figures out what the trap is, since she was apparently in on it with Percy when it was set up seven years ago, and tells him his island prison is a no-go because she knows exactly where Nikita will be heading after learning Nikita and Michael broke into a CIA file warehouse.

Nikita believes her father is a man named Richard Ellison. He's a CIA agent. She and Michael track Richard down to his safe house. He claims he got set up when he objected to some operation. The Cleaner leads an assault team on Richard's house, and Nikita, Michael and Richard manage to escape and take refuge at Birkhoff's place.

Birkhoff reveals to Alex that Percy set her up and that there was no file on Semak. She goes to visit Percy to stomp her little high-heeled foot at him for tricking her. Really, Alex? You were trying to double-cross him. You're hardly in a position to cry foul and no fair. Since Amanda is going to give Percy what he wants, he intends to make sure she doesn't reap the benefits from the fruits of his labor. He tells Alex that seven years ago he set up a plan to get Nikita to straighten up and fly right. He created a fake daddy for her. When Michael was able to get through to Nikita he didn't put the operation into action, but now he has. It turns out that Richard is a Division plant. Percy knows Alex will go running to Nikita to tip her off, thus thwarting Amanda's plans to get Nikita.

Richard gives Nikita a story she eats up with a spoon about how much he loved her and how hard it was to give her up. Nikita in turn tells Richard that Michael has a son named Max but she's kept it from him.

Meanwhile, Alex contacts Birkhoff and tells him that Richard is a Division plant. Unfortunately, Richard cottons on to the fact that Birkhoff is on to him. I've got to give Birkhoff is props; I didn't know he could fight so good. Unfortunately, Richard is bigger and has a lot more weight on him than the slight Birkhoff and he manages to beat him up. Nikita comes in and confronts Richard and he tells her the truth. Just then The Cleaner leads an assault team on Birkhoff's house.

Nikita tells Birkhoff to send the drone over the house to blow it up. Michael appears to get shot during the melee, but he must have been wearing a bullet proof vest, because he didn't seem hurt later. Richard, however, wasn't wearing one, and Nikita shoots him dead before she, Michael and Birkhoff escape the house.

When Alex goes to visit Percy, again, Percy tells her he owns her now. He knows she tipped Nikita off and ruined Amanda's plans. If Amanda finds out, their little sisterhood bond will be over. Alex tries to bluff her way out of it saying Amanda will believe her and not Percy. Percy then challenges her: "i can pass Amanda's lie detector test, can you?"

When Michael tells Nikita they can still look for her father, Nikita finally tells Michael the truth about Max. Michael pulls his hand away from Nikita. Looks like they may have a problem now.

You know, Nikita didn't keep it from him for that long, so he needs to get over it. This also isn't Nikita's mess that got dumped in her lap, but Michael's. Sorry dude, but if you're on a mission and sleeping with a target, use a rubber. And use a rubber even more so when said target is a married woman. It's just totally irresponsible not to mention dumb. If he had, this mess wouldn't exist.

And on The Cleaner front, the dude looks like he's the only one that survived the bombing of Birkhoff's house. He just popped right back up like Arnold did in the original Terminator movie. I'm going to start calling this guy, Arnold.


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