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Nikita -- Owen Remember His Past And Nikita Wishes He Hadn't

Updated on April 15, 2013

Original Airing: April 12, 2013

Amanda served Division another curve ball when news broke that Danforth was dead from a brain aneurysm. The cause of death was such it could have been caused naturally or unnatural. If the President thought Division was behind it, her itchy trigger finger could pull the trigger and send the SEALS death squad in to annihilate Division if she thinks they were behind it. It was unanimously decided Amanda had killed Danforth because Division had gain control over Danforth and was making him protect them.

Birhoff reveals that when he and Alex broke into Danforth’s they left some equipment behind. Michael sends Owen in to clean Danforth’s place, but when he touches a computer there’s something sharp on it that knocks him out. Enter Amanda who tells him the stuff he got inject is a paralytic, who sticks to metal rods into each side of his head. What Amanda took away, she’s giving back. She lets Owen remember who he really is and let’s just say who he is is a real Dick Du Jour.

When Owen wakes up he remembers his life as Sam Matthews. He claims he got hit on the head and the doctor’s at Division think that’s what caused his brain to rewire. First thing on Sam Matthews agenda is to find the remaining member of his old squad and with Nikita’s help he does. When the man opens the door he shoots him in the head and knocks Nikita out.

Turns out Owen and his squad were smuggling heroin. One day they decided to cut him out of the picture. Sam managed to kill everyone but Scott Atkins, who thought he’d killed Sam. So Sam returned the favor by killing him.

When Nikita wakes up she doesn’t want to believe this is who Owen really is. Sam explains that Percy had a profile for killers he felt fit the right profile for Division and Sam didn’t meet the criteria. So Amanda blunted Sam’s edges and created Owen so he’d fit the criteria for Division.

Sam arranges to hand Nikita over to Amanda, but when all she has in money is $50,000, she suggests Sam go back to Division and steal the black box and she’ll find a buyer for it for him. It’s a desperate move to save her life, as she watches Sam cut down all her men and then he has her neck in his grip just waiting to put her lights out for good. Frankenstein, your monster has turned on you big time.

When Nikita wakes up she’s with Amanda and chained up. Amanda can’t wait to crow to Nikita about what she did to Alex when she had her. Seems everything Alex thinks happened there didn’t. She was strapped in Amanda’s mind-melding chair the entire time. Larissa never existed and was just a mind phantom that Amanda put in her head as the impetus to make her turn on Nikita.

When Nikita actually offers Percy some praise in that he didn’t get inside peoples heads and mess with them the way Amanda does, Amanda claimed she was only making them the way they should be. Nikita then appears to turn the tables on Amanda as she begins to get inside of her head.

Nikita reveals she picked Alex because Alex was just like her and she could use the things she learned from Amanda to help Alex turn her life around. Nikita realizes that Amanda chose Nikita because Nikita had been just like her. She also theorizes that everyone that Amanda loved turned on her and that’s why she’s trying to do the same to Nikita, because she wants to break her. But the people that turned on Amanda were doing it willingly while Amanda is using her little mind-melding machine to make them turn on Nikita.

To hopefully calm the President’s concerns about Division and stop her from pulling the kill trigger on them, Michael has to step up and become the new leader of Division, pointing out he has military experience just like Danforth did. He also has to soft-coat what happened to Ryan and claim Ryan is ill but will make a full recovery. He also speaks to Division to try and calm everyone’s fears they’re about to be murdered.

Meanwhile Alex’s rebellion seems to be getting out of her control. Instead of her calling the shots, they’re the ones making the demands. They want her to hack into Birkhoff’s computer. At first she tries to recruit him, but before she has a chance to Sean comes in and interrupts. Later, when Birkhoff is called away from his computer, Sean sees Alex hacking into his computer. When afterwards Birkhoff mentions to him that one of the mutineers was at his computer, Sean puts all the pieces together and realizes Alex is the one really behind it.

Alex lies to her troops to protect Sean when they realize Sean knows about them, claiming he was the one that hacked into Birkhoff’s computer for them. Things get totally out of hand when Rachel is released and she declares she’s in charge and they’re going to take over ops.

Meanwhile when Owen returns to Division with a story about how Amanda nabbed Nikita, Michael becomes suspicious of him, and catches him as he’s about to sneak out of Division with the black box. They engage in hand-to-hand combat and Michael appears to injure his new hand in the fight. Then the mutineers arrive and take Michael into custody, while Owen claims to be one of them. That stops him from getting locked up, but they tell him no one is allowed to leave Division, so he’s stuck inside Division with the black box.

Then Rachel and her troops storm ops and take everyone prisoner. They announce they have a choice: join them or die. Yeah, that’s some choice. She and her gang are no better than anyone else.

But what little Rah-Rah Rachel doesn’t know is there’s a new team in town and while she’s playing her little power games in ops instead of scurrying out of Division like the little rat she is, it’ll be giving them time to infiltrate Division, take the place over and pop her in the process. So Rachel with her little threats of death will most likely be the one emitting a death rattle sooner rather than later.

You can always tell when the season is winding down for Nikita: the action always ramps up. Amanda’s time as show villain seems to be coming to an end as she seems all played out and with no place left to go. Owen’s number may also be up since as Sam Matthews he’s a rabid dog that needs to be put down. And if a new organization takes over Division there will hardly be a need for Ryan, either. Alex, however, doesn’t seem to be as big of a lost cause as Owen if Nikita can make her believe Larissa never existed. Seeing the out of control monster she’s unleashed on Division seems to already be making her regret her actions. Meanwhile, Nikita is trapped with Amanda and Michael is trapped inside of Division, while Birkhoff is being held at gunpoint in ops with none of them able to come and help the other. Could things get any worse?

The speculation is Nikita may only get renewed for a short season to wrap the show up like Gossip Girl got. The key seems to be the show is so close to having enough episodes to go into syndication that the CW will want to give the show those needed episodes so they can make money after Nikita ends.

If next season will indeed be it’s last, what better way to end this season with the return of Percy. As I said, as a villain, Amanda is all played out and bringing in some new big bad villain with no history with the characters doesn’t seem to pack any punch. If this secret organization could give Michael a new hand, there’s no telling what they could be capable of. People want to be cryogenically frozen upon death so when medical technology is advanced enough they can be brought back. Perhaps this organizations’ medical technology is advanced enough to save the life of someone who took the kind of fall Percy took. We never saw his body after the fall, did we?

Here’s a what if scenario. Percy manages to sneak into Division during the siege. He built that place, and if anyone could sneak in undetected its Percy. He goes to Michael and reveals he’s alive and the one who gave him his new hand. At this point Michael’s damaged the new hand and will need Percy’s help to fix it or lose it entirely. How badly does Michael want to keep his new hand? There’s also the situation in ops? Would Michael team up with the devil, when the devil is the only one who could help him? Another point in Percy’s favor is Percy was always able to keep everyone safe in Division. Of course, if Michael were to get in bed with Percy, what would that do to his relationship with Nikita?

What would Nikita do if she found out Percy was alive? Since at this point Amanda hates Percy as much as Nikita does, would these two enemies become partners to finally take him out?

Whatever the case, it does seem that the year of Division trying to go legit is over. What happens next is anyone’s guess, but I do think this organization that gave Michael his new hand will play a major role in what happens next.


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