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Nikita -- Saving Agent Ryan

Updated on November 6, 2011

The aftermath of the big Max reveal

Michael is determined to go see Max, even though Nikita tries to get him to see reason. Michael is still mad at Nikita for keeping the truth from him. To that I say: Dude, you should have worn a rubber and there would have been no secret to tell. If you're sleeping with a target you don't want to leave a bun in the oven so wear a rubber. And if said target is cheating on her husband, don't assume she's on the pill.

Michael's plans are put on hold when Nikita receives a communication from Ryan Fletcher, the CIA agent who helped her escape from CIA during Percy's plot in the season one finale. He's figured out how Oversight is being funded and who their money man is. The man's code name is Midas and his real identity is Jonathan Gaines.

After The Cleaner aka The Terminator kills a man jogging on a treadmill, Amanda calls Gaines to tell him his order has been filled. At which point he makes a killing in the stock market when the public learns of the man's death. Amanda also figures Ryan is hoping to make contact with Nikita and orders him grabbed.

Alex confides in Sean she feels she's being followed and Sean in return wants to know the truth about Division. Turns out she's right when a hit squad attack her. One of the members is an old childhood friend who has been brainwashed against her and thinks by killing her he's being merciful to her. Alex tries to tell him the truth, but it's such a convoluted mess no one would believe her. Amanda ultimately tells her that she cancelled her friend, and for Alex's own good has decided to keep Alex a virtual prisoner inside of Division.

Before Ryan is cancelled, Midas wants to meet him in person to find out how he figured out his brilliant scheme to make money. Ryan basically tells Midas he's not as clever as he thinks. Then a guard takes Ryan back to his cell, prepared to kill him. Only Ryan fights him off and they both fall over a railing. Ryan lands on top of the guard saving his life.

When Nikita learns about it, she's determined to break Ryan out of prison before another attempt can be made on his life. She and Michael infiltrate the prison, but Nikita is too late. The Terminator gets to Ryan first and kills him. During the melee to escape the prison, Michael is shot in the shoulder. The dude is like teflon. Seems like he gets shot in every episode.

Nikita is bound and determined to avenge Ryan's death by killing Midas. However, since Michael has a child, she intends to go it alone, to the point she drugs Michael so he can go with her.

Meanwhile Sean meets with his mother, Madeline Pierce, who seems to be the head of Oversight. He isn't aware that Amanda is listening to their conversation. Sean is appalled at the practices of Division and wants no part of it. He vows to turn Gaines in, himself. Madeline tells Sean she wants him to replace Amanda at Division. Amanda, proving she's just Percy in a dress, is having none of that. She hatches her own plan to take down Oversight. It turns out she had The Terminator fake Ryan's death and he's alive and well and prisoner inside of Division. Amanda wants him to help her destroy Oversight.

Sean and Nikita go after Midas at the same time. Sean kills Gaines, but not before he tells Nikita the name of Sean's mother. Lucky for Nikita, Michael has the constitution of a horse and he's able to shoot up the place, allowing Nikita to make her escape. Afterwards, Michael tells her if she ever does anything like that to him again, he's through with her for good.

Strangely enough, I'm hoping The Terminator survived his latest brush with death. He's a very creepy villain and I love a good villain. Percy and The Terminator are two of the best.

Next week Michael resumes his plans to go see Max. I hope somehow that kid isn't Michael's, but I'm not holding my breath.


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