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Nikita -- The New Division

Updated on October 20, 2012

Michael makes a life-changing decision

I was worried what Nikita would be like minus Percy, but to be honest, the show was so good I didn't even feel Percy's absence. I guess the truth of the matter is Michael and Nikita and their love story is the essence of the show and if they're there the show is still intact.

Nikita is doing something that is rare and new for her. She's enjoying a yoga class and about to go out with some women she met at the class for a snack like a normal every day person. Unfortunately, Michael shows up because she wanted at Division. So doing things that normal people do every day and take for granted will have to wait for another day.

The new Division's first assignment is to track down rogue agents referred to as The Dirty Thirty. When the message went out that Percy was dead and for them to come in, they ignored the message and went underground. The first agent on the list is a man named Martin.

Martin killed a man named Davis who was spending the day in the park with his son in Hong Kong. Turns out he was one of six CIA agents that were undercover in Hong Kong. Martin is selling out these agents to the MSS Chief and assassinating them.

Nikita and Michael head to Hong Kong. When he slips something in his pocket that he doesn't want Nikita to see, I thought maybe he was going to do something dangerous that might get him in trouble. Turns out he was planning to do something dangerous, but not in the way I thought.

Martin was posing as a photographer in Hong Kong and Nikita has Birkhoff learn which model he used most. Lynn Capshaw was her name and Martin happens to be in bed with her as Nikita and Michael are getting the address of where she lives. Birkhoff calls up Lynn pretending to be the wrong number, which arouses Martin's suspicions. He looks out the window and sees Michael and Nikita approaching the building from the street below. Martin calls the police saying a couple is assaulting a woman, then he snaps Lynn's neck and makes his escape.

Michael's takes the fall and lets the police arrest him for Lynn's murder, while Nikita chases after Martin. Ryan sends Alex and Sean in to help Nikita now she's a man down. He wants her to concentrate on who he believes the next target is, a man named James Wright, while Nikita's concern is getting Michael out of jail.

Alex laments to Nikita that she can no longer go undercover because she's famously known as Alexandra Udinov. While Alex and Sean head to the police station to get Michael released, Nikita goes after James Wright. Meanwhile at the police station the thing Michael put in his pocket that he didn't want Nikita to find was an engagement ring. Michael intends to ask Nikita to marry him, that is if he can get out of the current mess he's in.

When Nikita thwarts Martin's plan to kill James Wright, he decides to play hardball with her. He orders the MSS Chief to get Michael out of jail. He intends to use Michael as a bargaining chip against Nikita. Watching the police station from the outside Alex tells Nikita that the MSS Chief has arrived to take Michael. Thankfully, the police didn't do a thorough strip search of Michael when they arrested him and he's able to communicate with Birkhoff and gets him to hack into the police station and jam the lock on the room he's being held in so they can't get to him and remove him from the police station.

Nikita arrives at the police station and gets the drop on the MSS Chief. Martin is watching from the roof and tells Nikita she just got her boyfriend killed. As he aims his rifle at Michael planning to kill him, Alex appears behind him and shoots him dead. Then she takes Martin's rifle and fires down at the police below, before making her escape.

Nikita is waiting to make a hasty escape with Michael when he runs back. He gives her the shock of her life when he says he's getting her engagement ring. Michael finds the cop who pocketed it and gets it back, before he and Nikita make a hasty escape.

Back at Division Nikita and Ryan have a showdown about her disobeying his orders. Ryan needs to understand that if it's a choice between following his orders and saving Michael, she's going to save Michael. That's just the way it is. Ryan says he sees things from headquarters that she can't see, and she counters that she sees things from the field that he can't see.

After Nikita leaves, Ryan gets on the phone with his superior. The reason Ryan is so tense and freaked out and determined no one learns of the existence of Division is if people learn about it his boss will send a team in and basically clean every agent in Division. And what Nikita did could have put that plan into action. Ryan needs to tell Nikita about that little fact. Of course, knowing Nikita, she won't take that too well and could do something to try and turn the tables on the government. So Ryan may feel he has no choice but to keep what he knows a secret from everyone at Division.

Meanwhile, Michael takes Nikita to a romantic spot and asks her to marry him and she happily accepts.

Things, however, don't seem to be going as well for Birkhoff and Sonia. Something happened between them and now Birkhoff isn't even talking to her, even though he's mooning over her picture.

It was a great return. Of the shows I watch Nikita is the only returning show that keeps getting consistently better.


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    • carol7777 profile image

      carol stanley 5 years ago from Arizona

      I am glad I read this. I watched the Old Nikita religiously but never got into this one. I learned about what is presently going on. Great job and voted up.