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Nikita -- The Search For Michael's Hand Begins

Updated on February 25, 2013

Ryan Embraces His Inner-Percy

Original Airing: February 8, 2013

Nikita and Birkhoff were still working on the plan to find a better hand for Michael. Birkhoff showed a man named Kosta who lost his leg and who a man named Heidecker was able to replace it to the point it looked like it had grown back naturally. Nikita decided to tell Michael about this and ask him to go with her to fetch Heidecker, then Ryan announced Michael had been put in permanent charge of Operations, and she changed her mind. Nikita told Birkhoff Michael seemed to be getting his life back together and she was going to go in alone to get Heidecker so she didn’t give Michael false hopes until they had the real scoop.

Arriving is Kosovo, Nikita teams up with Kosta’s mistress who despises him. She drugs him and then Nikita injects his new leg with a poison to make him think he’s having problems with his leg. As planned, Kosta summons Heidecker to come to his home to look at his leg. When he does, Nikita bursts in to get Heidecker, but gets caught instead.

Back at Division, Alex snoops around Birkhoff’s computer and he’s forced to tell them about Heidecker giving Kosta back his leg and that Nikita has gone in alone to get him. Michael and Alex head to Kosovo to help Nikita.

While that’s happening, Birkhoff begins to worry how easily Ryan is able to embrace his inner Percy. To insure Division isn’t cleaned if the President discovers the mess in Kosovo, Ryan contacts Danforth and asks why Kosta has had all the borders closed. This is news to Danforth and when he finds out it’s true, he orders Ryan to get a Division team in there and take Kosta out. Shades of the old Division, but Ryan assures everyone this is a one-off.

While Michael is rescuing Nikita and Heidecker, Alex is taking out Kosta and making it look like his own man did it. The President is so impressed by their efficiency, Danforth gives Ryan four more similar cases to handle.

Meanwhile, all looks well for Michael to get his hand back, when they arrive at Heidecker’s plane and see it’s filled with children. That’s when he reveals that’s how Kosta paid him for his new leg. He gave him orphans to use as lab rats in his experiments. Nikita can’t go along with that, even to get Michael his new hand, and she kills Heidecker.

Michael, however, wants to find the people Heidecker was working for. Earlier, Heidecker told Nikita he didn’t create the artificial limb. He was just the salesman peddling the product. He has renewed hope he’s going to get his hand back. Nikita, however, didn’t seem quite so confident about that.

Ryan tells the team about the four case files they’ve been given to clean up. He swears after this they’ll be out of this kind of business. But it’s kind of like a blackmailer. One payment is never enough and a blackmailer keeps coming back for more and more payments. The President is going down the road that Madeline Pierce went down and Division is going down the same road that Percy took it.

It’s kind of interesting, as it seems to be slowly happening that everyone that disdained Percy for the way he operated Division, is finding that he may have had no choice but operate it the way he did to survive. The interesting thing is Percy may have started out like Ryan with good intentions but slowly to keep Division safe he ended up becoming what he did.


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