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Nikita -- Why Did It Take Me So Long To Watch This Show?

Updated on April 7, 2011

It Was The Perfect Episode To Start Watching

Several times before tonight I've been tempted to watch Nikita. I've read articles about Nikita and Michael and the relationship intrigued me. Unfortunately, it's on the same time as The Office and Grey's Anatomy. Until this season, I've never watch Grey's Anatomy before, but I caught a recast of last season's finale, and I wanted to see what would happen with Owen and Christina and Meredith and Derek. But I also want to see Steve Carrell's final season of The Office, even though the show isn't as good as it once was. 

Tonight was the first night when both Grey's and The Office were in reruns, and I happened to turn on the last half of Vampire Diaries. Forgot it was a new episode tonight. And I saw the coming attractions to Nikita and I said, for once I'm going to watch it and I enjoyed every minute of it. 

I've actually kept up with the show a bit. I found it ironic that the actors who played Colleen and JT on Young and Restless, and who didn't end up together was Colleen tragically drowned, were working on Nikita as a romantic couple. It's like JT and Colleen get a second chance at being together.

I've also followed Shane West's career since he was a teen on Once and Again with Billy Campbell and Sela Ward. Then I saw him in A Walk To Remember. He's made the transition from child star to adult leading man.

This was actually a great episode to be introduced to the show if you hadn't watched it from the start. You got the gist of the Michael and Nikita relationship. They showed a flashback of when the two were on their first mission together and they almost made love, then he told her about his wife and child who were killed. In the present, Michael was blackmailing Nikita into doing his bidding and coldly told her there was never an us. I didn't believe him when he said that, but it was cruel to say that to Nikita.

Alex tried breaking up with Nathan, but they ended up getting together. I got the gist of why Nikita urged Alex to break up with him. He could be used as a weapon against her. But breaking up didn't work too good and now their closer than ever.

It was a great twist when the guy who killed Michael's wife and child revealed the man Michael works for, Percy, set the entire thing up. Michael gave up his plans for revenge and left, but Nikita killed the man. Then things looked even worse than ever for Michael and Nikita, after he told her about the last vacation he took with his wife and the house he bought for her, that he was planning to double-cross Nikita.

When Michael told Percy he was in on whatever plan Percy has for those black boxes, I knew he was just playing along, planning to take down the man who killed his wife and child. Then he returned to Nikita, ready to join forces with her. In more ways than one. 

I really wished I'd taped this show, since I'd love to watch it all over again. I also consider a show good, if I want to watch it again. I've seen some fans of the show claiming Nikita and Michael had no chemistry but I thought the characters had great chemistry together. I guess chemistry is in the eye of the beholder. I'm definitely going to be watching next week.


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