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Nine Inch Nails and the Twilight Zone

Updated on March 31, 2011

Trent likes classic Sci-Fi

If you are not a fan of either Nine Inch Nails or The Twilight Zone, this blog will not interest you in the least so stop reading right now.

I have noticed that Trent has made at least two songs which titles match, exactly, the titles of classic Twilight Zone episodes.

The Twilight was a half-hour long television show that came out in the sixties which would have a different strange story every time. It was in black and white and was always hosted by the show's creator and writer Rod Serling. The stories would always be about some strange, eerie topic. It was kinda like the more recent show "The X-Files" in that it usually had something involving the paranormal or extra-terrestrials, but the cast was different for each show. The series was ahead of it's time in that it used the stories as metaphors about the state of society and human nature. Reruns can be seen on the Sci-Fi channel. Each episode had it's own title. Two of which are discussed below.

When Trent made The Fragile with the song "Where is Everybody" I figured it was just a coincidence. But on the latest album The Slip, (you can download it for free) there is a song titled "The Four of Us are Dying." Now there's no fucking way that's a coincidence.

I am pleasantly surprised to find that Trent and I both are fans such a fantastic show. That must make me fantastic as well. I bet he watches classic Star Trek too! :)


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    • profile image

      DrStrangelove 5 years ago

      I did notice that. NIN is my favorite band and The Twilight Zone series are possibly my #1 sci fi show.

    • Cory J. Clark profile image

      Cory J. Clark 7 years ago from Portland

      That's interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    • cocopreme profile image

      Candace Bacon 8 years ago from Far, far away

      Nice observation. Do the song lyrics have anything in common with the episodes of the Twilight Zone?

    • profile image

      EYES CHAMbERS 9 years ago