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No Budget Film Making Movement of Kolkata, LFEBF

Updated on November 6, 2012

About Us

We are a self-composed group of independent artists. We believe that we can give vent to our creativity and experiment with the cinematic art-form without seeking help from any producer or financier.We are now looking forward to establish a platform for independent no-budget film makers from Bengal and to promote the alternative thoughts on and about Bengali films.

Retail Edition Cover & Inlay

Latest Venture

The latest venture of our group is the 5 no-budget short films produced in 2009-10. We opted for a direct to DVD release in the last Kolkata Book Fair.

The DVD contains 5 short films ( total duration 99 minutes).

The Sandbook (AKA Boita: Jibito o Hotyakari) is improvised from a short story by Jorge Luis Borges. The story moves with the landing of an amazing book in the hand of a scholer, who tries to understand "the internal ties in events occuring" in and around the book in order to go through it.From Borges' story, however, only the concept of the book was borrowed. Then the film takes its own course, as ideas from Franz Kafka, Stiphen Hawking, the Upanishads and Mao also enter the scene. Reference from another Borges story also comes in.What is the Sandbook after all? What are its charectaristics? Watch out to get get the answers.
The Sandbook (AKA Boi-Ta: Jeebito O Hatyakaree)Bengali, 2010, 17 min

Cast: Kamal Kumar Roy, Abhishek Bhattacharyya, Arupratan Ghosh, Sumit De.Director of Arts: SripanraSound, Camera and Editing: Anamitra RoyProduction managers: Pratik Mondal and Ananda DassScreenplay and direction: Snigdhendu Bhattacharya

Jean-Luc Godard Had No Script

A Mimetic Approach Towards Cinema
The film is not a film at all, but merely a theatrical dress rehearsal captured on a miniDV. The title of the film is exploitative. This is not a spoof on Godard, even characters from Glauber Rocha invades the scene.
The basic concept of the film is to stage the way the colonized mind mimics the aesthetical value of European Art Cinema. The concept of 'Cinema' is being killed in the film where the director himself plays the character of Godard ( with lots of quotations from JLG's interviews) wearing a heavy make-up on his face while his hands reveal the original colour of his native skin.
He speaks to a critic on the very film being shot and introduces his five characters one by one. The dubbed soundtrack specifies the hierarchical altitude of the two of them.
The film unfolds by picking up threads and glimpses from various planes of reality and arranging them around a table.

Let the rest remain untold for the viewing. . . .

Jean-Luc Godard Had No Script
Bangla, 2010, 23 min
Cast : Anamitra Roy, Sumit Dey, Kamal Kumar Roy, Abhishek Bhattacharya, Sangbit Samaddar, Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, Arupratan Ghosh, Yovik
Concept Development, Camera, Godard's make-up : Sriparna
Assistant Director : Sumit Dey
Make-up : Kamal Kumar Roy
Production Control and Management : Kamal Kumar Roy, Pratik Mondal, Mithun Chakraborty, Snigdhendu Bhattacharya
Written, Directed & Edited by : Anamitra Roy
...Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo (aka ...Or, A Horror Film) is inspired from a short story by Daniil Kharms, a little known Russian poet and short story writer. The film is about the paranoia inherent in the urban mindscape that prohibits oneself from fulfilling his/her desire.
One day, the nameless protagonist of the story comes across a stranger, and that triggers off a series of bizarre incidents in his otherwise event-less existence. He finds a dead body in his flat, he meets a girl who tries to seduce him, he desperately tries to get rid of the dead body... but, at the end, he becomes more confused than ever!
The film examines how power intervenes in our lives, almost imperceptibly, and then starts re-engineering our activities and desires.
...Athoba Bhoy-er Golpo (aka ...Or, A Horror Film)Bengali, 2010, 19 min
Cast: Sankha Subhra Ganguly, Doelpakhi Dashgupta, Kanchan SenguptaCinematography: Arupratan Ghosh, Rajshekhar DasSound and Editing: Anamitra RoyCostume: Pritha ChattopadhyayMake Up: Sriparna DeyProducion Control: Avishek Dashgupta, Pritha ChattopadhyayScreenplay and Direction: Souva Chattopadhyay

Antoraal (aka A Hiding)

A Bengali film of 15 Mnts Duration. The film describes the Primary and the Darker things, that the year 2009 inherits. Hope, you will enjoy!!
Antoraal (aka A Hiding)Bengali, 2010, 15 min
Cast: Manab Sharma, Jiniya Chatterjee, Soumitra Chowdhury, Joydeep DamDialogue: Mukesh GuptaProduction Control: Tata Mukhopadhyay and Sukanya GhoshGraphics: SriparnaCamera: Joydeep BoseSound and Editing: Anamitra RoyStory and Direction: Arupratan Ghosh
Proti Biplob Deerghojibi Hok (aka Long Live (all) the Revolution) is about a young writer’s struggle in the power-craving world of ideology and disbelief. In this short fiction you will find a fake-magician, and you will be haunted by a prolonged and bizarre nightmare. This film is basically a fantasy of telling the (un)truth.
Proti Biplob Deerghojibi Hok (aka Long Live (all) the Revolutions)Bangla, 2010, 22 min
Cast: Yovik, Mainak Pal, Anamitra Roy, Sankha Subhra Ganguly, Shriparna, Subhendu ManniProduction Control: Mainak PalCamera: Debashish AdakSound & Editing: Anamitra RoyMake up: Puja GhoshArt: Subhendu ManniSet: Mainak-AvikStory and Direction: Sankha Subhra Ganguly
The Trailers are available on our youtube channel:
The DVD is now out and available on internet too. To Buy or Rent go to:

Pouch Edition Cover

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Support us....Stand by the parallel film wave from the 3rd world metro and suburbs........

Thank you,



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    • profile image

      Rajarshi 7 years ago

      I Have a thinking so (which u done). But I know nothing. I know about u form a flim stady. Welcome. It's a new emage of flim.

    • ana ray profile image

      ana ray 7 years ago from about 40 km from kolkata


      Yeah, it's a new 'emage' of English too. :D

      Tell me something buddy, are you really some Rajarshi from my homeland or are you just kidding? I guess you are some fake representation of someone I know/knew too well.

      You may get to me at my mail


    • profile image

      rajarshi 7 years ago

      i send u a masage from my account in ur e address. there i explane why i am interest in flim and also ur work.

    • ana ray profile image

      ana ray 7 years ago from about 40 km from kolkata

      Well I didn't get your mail. Did you send it to the right address??

    • profile image

      rajarshi 7 years ago

      Yes. I have no dont sent masage. Thanks for the comunications.

    • profile image

      rajarshi 7 years ago

      I received dont sent masage. can i comunikate with u

    • ana ray profile image

      ana ray 7 years ago from about 40 km from kolkata

      Well, what do you need to communicate?

      I already gave you my email ID.

    • profile image

      rajarshi 7 years ago

      Now i in a course i.e flim approviation. from chalachitra shatabarsha bhaban. in past i think so that is a new wave which u do now. but i confused in that time. now when i in the course Prof. Maninakh Biswas talls us about the new wave. so i mak a bridge to know ur work only for my interest. i also think to visit some Dristric to colouct the information. i have a lot of interest about littles. such as little magazin etc. now in cinama.

    • ana ray profile image

      ana ray 7 years ago from about 40 km from kolkata

      fuck!! I never knew any person with such bad skills in English.

      you really in film appreciation?? are you Bengali?

      Bangla ba Hindi bolo. roj roj tomar ei engriji sohyo kora amar sadhyo noy. Phone korte paro: 9883103809


    • profile image

      Rajarshi 7 years ago

      I look ur (tomader) flim. i write some ting about those.

    • ana ray profile image

      ana ray 7 years ago from about 40 km from kolkata

      Banglay lekho. Banglay lekho, banglay lekho. Engriji na likhle bhalo lage na naki??

      Phone korte parte to ekbaar dekhe uthe.

      Jai hok, siggir janao. DVD ta chollo tahole sesh porjonto...jak, bhalo kotha.

    • profile image

      rajarshi 7 years ago

      bangaly likhbo ki - ashkar gulo to amader na. aro bhul hote pare. ph. krobo abshy. rater dike korbo. hayto robibar.

    • MalcolmKlock profile image

      MalcolmKlock 6 years ago

      Interesting, this was the only other thing that came up when I searched "No Budget Film Making," which was the topic of a recent hub of mine.

      Good luck in your ventures, great to see filmmakers from around the world reaching out and working to produce films on their own.

    • profile image

      rajarshi 6 years ago

      ki bapar com bip. path khunchhi!

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