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Nothing To Do But Blow Bubbles All day

Updated on December 10, 2009


Nothing to do but blow bubbles all day.


~~~~~ O~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Hmmmmmm....Y  a  w  n,
another day of endless seaweed,
If I see any more weeds
I'm gonna blow a gill
same old stagnant pond
and me stuck here
with no legs to move on
at least not on
the evolutionary scale
for the next ten
thousand years or so,
oops, there's that lure again
with that exhibitionist worm
wiggling his ass in my face
check out the feather boa
what does he think he is
Gay West!
I should just bite him
nibble him into kibbles
Nah! I'll wait for
that kid with the cheese balls,
what a treat!!
so fresh that they fall
right off the hook
hope I don't run into any
fin-icky eaters today
some big mouthed bass
thought I was a
crappie-tizer yesterday
a fish could be
dead for sure
from such would be predators
I've been trying to
get cable for months
but all the electric
eels are taken
it's so boring surfing
through these regular channels
and the view is so muddy
nothing to do but
blow bubbles all day
but hey I could be a clam
that would be a living shell
and at least I don't have
a hideous octo-puss
like my neighbor
even if he does have
a few legs up on me
he never goes anywhere
just listens to
the Ink spots
to escape the dreary
life here below
I heard that
some lucky schools
are in training
to become starfish
in those land based aquariums
but I'm a real blow fish
when it comes to talent.
if someone would just throw
a pineapple overboard
I could  maybe be on T.V.
and make a living
sponging off the humans
try floating on some air waves
that would be nice for a change
bloop, bloop, hey wait a minute
it's that kid again
mmmm, and  he's dropping
in a cheese ball
careful now don't want
to make a sharp cheese mistake again
I got a really nasty
slice last time
nibble nibble swallow
H A C K !! H A C K !
I can't believe this kid
he using some of that
Rush Limburger cheese
that stuff is radioactive...
and highly addictive
I'd rather be Starkist
by a humpbacked whale
then be baited by his canned crap
I'm gonna go catch a fly
at least that's a maggot
I can swallow
see ya in the shallows.




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    • profile image

      seasoning 8 years ago

      hey you are a swimmer i never knew. nice hub