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Now You See Me Is For Real

Updated on June 27, 2013

Now You See Me is a great movie about four magicians called the Four Horsemen, who razzle and dazzle thousands during a performance in Las Vegas about robbing a bank in Paris, France. The heist occurs and from then on, it is about the police trying to arrest them for it but are always a few steps behind. It will not end as you suspect.

But, that is the movie. How odd is it now that it really has happened without the Four Horsemen. Last weekend, a Swiss Airline, Flight 17, flew from Zurich to New York City. None of the passengers were remotely aware that beneath them in the cargo area was tens of million dollars destined for a U.S. bank. However, when the flight arrived at 1400 hrs and authorities examined this cargo, $1.2 million had vanished. This missing money was not discovered until the container with the money had arrived at the Federal Reserve. The last time the money was seen is when the cargo was being loaded in Zurich. What is not known is at what point during the flight that the money disappeared.

Police are totally dumbfounded. Access to the money in the cargo area of the plane is not accessible during a flight. The money was accounted for during loading. That leaves after landing. While the suspects who might have access to unloading the cargo, police still have nothing. The money was in a nondescript container and unless somebody on the ground crew knew what to look for, it would be passed just as luggage. The money was transported to the Federal Reserve and only a limited number of security officers moved it. It is unlikely it was done during transit.

With so many limitations as to knowledge of it and the number of persons who might have had access to it AFTER it was unloaded at JFK airport, it seems to be a real Now You See It event that police are scratching their heads about. If the money vanished during the flight, how?

The closer you look, the less you see.


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