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OK - No Relation I'm Nearly Certain But...

Updated on June 25, 2010

Murderous Beadle(s)

William Beadle

Posted Thu Dec 11, 2002 2:17 pm - Local Newspaper - An "On This Date" thing...

Dec 11 1783
William Beadle of Wethersfield, Connecticut slaughters his entire
family, then slits his own throat. For some time before the killings,
Beadle developed a habit of taking an axe or a knife to bed with him.
Mrs. Beadle failed to notice that something might be wrong with Mr.


My reply...

No family is perfect.

Perhaps there was something wrong with Mrs. Beadle and the entire Beadle family and nothing at all wrong with Mr. Beadle? Something so wrong that it could only be corrected by slaughter? This seems to jump to an unsupported conclusion - unfairly picking on Mr. Beadle
and making him the scapegoat just because he was the actor in this incident. It is soooooo easy to pick on Mr. Beadle, isn't it? Seems much more reasonable that his family *drove* him to it. Well, as a Mr. Beadle, that is one of my theories on it.  I suppose I could be wrong.

And plenty of people take comfort items to bed with them.  I have a blankey myself.



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    • pacoweaz profile image

      pacoweaz 8 years ago

      blanky, shotgun, axe, who's to judge? I blame Mrs. Beadle, and probably the damn doggy. And physics.