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Oahu HI Theatres Aug 2017 Update

Updated on August 8, 2017
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Pam is currently working on various Creative projects: Screenwriting, Film 'o the Moment column, Casting & Agenting.

I thought you might appreciate this information

As I spend most of my time in an Oahu theatre, to escape the sweltering heat, I thought you might appreciate the latest info. All theatres are busier than heck on Tuesdays, which is Discount Day at all Oahu theatres, regardless of chain affiliation.

  • Consolidated Theatres still has Mahalo Tuesdays, where admission has been discounted from normal prices to $7 for Fabric seated screens. The Recliners with Reserved seating are $10 on Tuesdays. Titan XC and Dolby ATMOS luxury theatres are $13.
  • From the email I received, Consolidated Ward 16 will now be extending the “Mahalo” concept to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So, you can see a discounted movie on any of those days. Which means that Thursdays through Sundays will be normally priced, unless it is “Pass worthy.”
  • “Pass worthy” means your Theatre will accept the Consolidated Pass, in lieu of paying the regular Admission price. Please check your Feature film and whether the Consolidated Pass will be accepted. Sometimes, Studio restrictions limit the use of passes. However, I have never been turned away from using my Extras free movie ticket.

Regal Theatres Chain

With the theatre business getting competitive, and vying for customer business, the folks at Corporate Regal Theatres have done a good job of specially loading Concession surprises onto your Regal Crown Club loyalty card.

Receiving the email about a small popcorn being automatically loaded onto my Regal Crown Club card, was a nice surprise! I thought that the small popcorn would be deducted from my Regal Crown Club point balance, but that’s not the case. The Small popcorn, which is a meal for me, was enough to keep me occupied during a single feature. All I needed was a Large-sized drink to go with the complimentary popcorn. Where I get more RCC points at the Concession.

The RCC Member program is tiered, so the more movies you see, and Concession snacks you buy, will move you upwards in their program. Their promotions are constantly changing, and going the way of the Mobile App.

A big positive: I get to keep my points for a base price trade-in on an upcoming movie. For example, I’m planning on seeing The Emoji Movie in RealD 3D, so I will be comp’d for the base matinee ticket price ($9.85), and would be charged the RealD 3D price of $3.69 plus tax. Oh yeah, and remember to use my loyalty card for a 2nd small complimentary popcorn load.

So that’s how you can have fun at the Movies

Not only is the fun factor present, but so is the dollar savings!

Go figure out your schedule and then go Theatre Hopping, which is what I’m planning on doing this week, before the titles disappear off the Board. The Board will change on Thursday evening at 7pm, with several new features for the week of August 11th, 2017.

  • Annabelle: Creation
  • The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature in 2D and 3D.

I’ll be at the Ward Cinemas 16 on this day, if you would like meet me in person.

Mahalo Plenty

To my friend Josh, I love the new beats for the Sprite and Fanta: Be more than one flavor commercials! So now, hip hop, but classic at the same time. Which is what Coca Cola’s brand marketing is.

Until the next Film hub, Pam

© 2017 Pam Freeman


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