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Obama Vs McCain In Lingerie

Updated on October 13, 2009

Now I'm not going to pretend to be a political pundit. There are all many way too many talking heads out there, and most of them know more about politics than me. My main source of political information is my cat, Mittens, who as one might expect, is a strong conservative pro large litters and violently against endangered animal protections. If she wants to eat a rare rednecked thrush bird, then nobody should stand in her way, dammit.

I have noticed that there is a world changing election coming up in ye olde America lande soon, and it would be churlish not to offer another perspective on the situation. From what I can tell it's mostly been about teenage pregnancy, inexperienced moose hunters, geriatric old men, and the other guy who might lose anyway because he's black. Some people think that the Republican choices have been reckless and bizarre this year, personally I think they're probably just having fun with it, finding the silliest candidates possible because they know that America probably isn't ready to get all color blind with the presidency just yet. They could have put up a family sized value pack of Twinkies and it would still have a fighting chance in the election. Oops, there I go again, having a political opinion. Let's get back to the fun stuff - the lingerie.

At the outset, McCain is the obvious standout to win. As an older white male with extensive business contacts, he's a prime candidate to be a lingerie wearer. He may even be wearing some right now. (Check for tell tale straps and panty lines the next time he limps up on stage all war wounded and starts banging on.)

Then there's Obama, he's liberal enough to give it a try, and if there were to be legislation passed banning men from wearing lingerie, he would probably be against it. I don't know if he's really a lingerie wearing chap, though I would surmise that if Mrs Obama asked him to nicely, he wouldn't say no.

Looks wise, I'd prefer to see Obama in lingerie. Actually I would rather see Obama in lingerie than Sarah Palin in lingerie, mostly because there is less of a chance that Obama might mistake me for prey and shoot me in the face with a 12 gage.

So who is the winner then? Well I think the public should decide on this one. This is after all, a celebration of the democratic process, with a few extra frills added.


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    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 9 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Pretty funny! Keep it up!

    • profile image

      sam_t 9 years ago

      Absolutely hysterical... you have an awesome sense of humor, Hope.

    • LatexLeah profile image

      LatexLeah 9 years ago

      I don't think Sarah Palin would shoot you thinking you're a moose but she might shoot you for posting that pic of McCain. Egads!!

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 9 years ago

      *giggle* McCain's head on a lingerie model is perhaps my greatest evil perpetrated here thus far...

    • kerryg profile image

      kerryg 9 years ago from USA

      Eaugh, brain bleach, brain bleach! McCain in lingerie ... SO not a mental image I needed to have.

      Obama on the other hand... It's not my kink, but I do think all this talk about a VPILF is overshadowing the fact that the straight female andgay male populations of the nation will see that VPILF and raise a PILF. ;)