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On Demand at Your Command

Updated on November 25, 2011

On Demand at Your Command

Technology has taken us so far so quickly over the last decade it is difficult to keep pace. I remember when the TIVO first came out and I wanted to get on so badly as I was till watching television them and I thought I could cut down my television viewing significantly with TIVO as you could skip the commercials. And you could record more shows then with the old VCR. Again I must admit I don’t really keep up with TV but I don’t think you can record on DVD yet. Or can you?

My thought was once I discovered I could write and create, why would I watch anyone else’s work when I could be creating my own. And I found being creative much more intellectually stimulating then watching television. Of course I do watch some thing but few and mostly I am watching to write reviews for those who would like to see the shows. I feel rather qualified to do this since I have written both television screenplays and movie screenplays.

And I have a son who loves television so I have to have it for him. He believes he is cultural deprived without it. Now if we lived in New York or even London we would see the shows and skip the television all together as I would much prefer that. And I am working on getting him season tickets to the opera. Something every 11 year old boy needs. But we live in a place without theater or opera so we must make do with classic novels and television.

So when the Hubpages contest was almost at an end I had to turn the television off. My Mother and my son can’t stand to be without television. I prefer it off but for maybe an hour at most a day. I am watching for 10 hours a week to write the reviews for my hub but I turned the television off at the end of the Hubpages contest so I could focus on my entries. And like I explained before my son thought it was the end of civilization although he is perfectly fine and did manage to get a few extra hours more of home schooling then he would have preferred in that time.

I think you are one of two people in this world. You are either a person who seeks to amuse or a person seeking amusement. My son is the later and I am the amuser. But I also must tell you that writing is such a self rewarding internal construct that comes from deep within me. My family is full of famous artists. But I was taught to be more practical and serve humanity as my Father was a politician. And all my life I have secretly written and strived to serve humanity.

So when I missed the show I was supposed to review I felt terrible like I had let my followers down.

But then this morning I got up and decided to make it right so I accessed the On Demand channel which I never touch and found almost all of the shows I missed with the exception of Pan Am and House. So I have failed to write those two reviews for you. They may just not be available on Demand yet and I might be able to see them in a week or so. But as I was watching I realized that my cable company had provided me with a the recordings of my favorite shows without commercial interruptions which is what I wanted the TIVO for so many years ago.

What Does This Mean?

It means if you have On Demand you can access any of the shows I review here and watch them at your leisure without commercial interruption. It means that despite my unwillingness to keep up with the latest technology it is keeping up with me.

And entertainment is about to be on our terms which means more freedom for those of us that watch. I was actually shocked to see how much was available. Honestly I would prefer to be creating or reading instead of watching television but I have to watch everything with my son. Amusement is much easier to obtain now.

I do read other hubber’s work so I can keep up with what my hub community is doing. And the Hubpages covers a lot of information internationally that is not other wised covered on the local news. And I have a profound appreciation for those who also seek to amuse as I understand their motivation.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Jools99,

      Has watching television been a social media over the last decade? Even when I was a child we didn't watch television together as a family. The only time we watch tv together is during the times I watch to write reviews otherwise we are on books. Or we watch Christmas Movies during the Holidays.

      I guess it is good my son is stuck with the old television set.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • Jools99 profile image

      Jools99 6 years ago from North-East UK

      JT, I used to watch TV with my daughter or we would read together but now she watched programmes via her computer and quite a few of my relatives now watch TV through their PC or laptop. I think it's a shame that the 'social' aspects of watching TV are dying out. It's all smartphone,tablet or laptop now and that is a very solitary activity.