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Once Upon A Time -- Forget Me Not

Updated on January 25, 2012

The Stranger Is A Writer

We got the next chapter in Charming and Snow's romance after Charming returned to Prince Pruneface, preparing to marry her. King Charlie Widmore realizes Charming is in love with someone and he's not a very happy King Charlie Widmore. Meanwhile, Snow isn't a very happy Snow White, since she can't stop thinking about Charming. So she enlists her friend, Red as in Little Red Riding Hood, to help her. Red says Rumpelstiltskin can help. He can make her forget Charming.

Now Rump has asked for some strange payments for his services. With Archie/Jiminy it was poisoning his parents and turning them into dolls. With Ella it was giving him her first born child. With Regina it was ripping out her father's heart. And I don't think we know quite what Rump got from King Charlie Widmore. So, while asking for a strand of Snow's hair in payment seems pretty innocuous, with Rump it's anything but. Maybe even then Rump knew of the curse Regina would enact on Fairy Tale Land and that Snow's child would be the key to breaking it. Maybe he needed the strain of hair to find Emma once the curse began.

Before Snow can take the potion she receives a note via carrier dove from Charming telling her he loves her. She heads to the castle to tell him she returns his love, only she gets caught by one of King Charlie Widmore's guards. She's thrown in the dungeon and meets up with one of the seven dwarfs, Grumpy, who is also cooling his heels in the dungeon.

There were apparently originally eight dwarfs, sort of like the fifth Beatle. He shows up and helps Snow and Grumpy to escape, but when they don't follow Snow's advice on how to escape, Stealthy gets snuffed. Snow shows up and saves Grumpy and King Charlie Widmore reveals Charming isn't really his son and unless she tells Charming she doesn't love him, he'll kill him.

Snow does as requested and Grumpy takes her home. He persuades her not to take Rump's Forget-Me potion, but when he rushes in to tell Snow that Charming didn't go through with the wedding he discovers she's drunk the potion and has no idea who Charming is.

In Storybrooke the stranger henceforth known as The Stranger has gotten on Regina's radar. She is not happy a stranger is in town, since no one is supposed to be able to come into the globe of misery she's trapped all the fairy tale characters in. She equally not happy that he was talking to Henry and using that fact to sic Emma on him. All Emma gets out of The Stranger is that he's a writer, apparently, since he carries an old-fashioned typewriter around in a case he takes everywhere with him. He however, doesn't tell Emma what his name is.

MM has been showing up at Granny's Diner because David shows up there every morning to get his coffee. It seems David has also been showing up there every day so he can run into MM. When MM runs into Katherine at the drug story accidentally not accidentally on purpose she learns Katherine thinks she might be pregnant. So David is apparently doing his husbandly duty. Which kind of makes it a bit scuzzy when he tries kissing MM when he follows her into the woods when she tries to help a dove reunite with its flock. MM does the right thing and pulls away and tells him he may have knocked up his wife. The same thing I said to Michael on Nikita goes for David, "Use a freaking condom."

David goes home to confront Katherine and she admits she isn't. Dodge a bullet that time, boy, next time you might not be so lucky. He suggests they go to Archie for marriage counseling. My only guess is he plans to go through the motions so Archie will say the marriage can't be saved so he'll get a get out of marriage jail free card and not be at fault for not giving it his all. Not nice, dude, not nice, at all. Not very Charming, either.

He and MM run into each other again and he tells her he lucked out in the Not Pregnant Sweepstakes. Then he pulls her into a kiss right on Main Street where Regina is watching from her car. Yeah, kissing another woman in the middle of Main Street isn't going to get back to your wife, is it?

I'm finding I like the fairy tale characters better than their Storybrooke counterparts. I think Charming is great, but David's a dog. I also like Red better than Ruby. The only character I like more than his Fairy Tale counterpart is Gold. Gold is far more scary and dangerous than Rump was.

My big question from this episode is did Regina purposely direct David to Gold's shop when he was looking for the bridge to meet MM. When he went into Gold's shop he saw the windmill and all these memories returned. Did Regina cut a deal with Gold to do something to David so he'd "remember" his life with Katherine to stop him from going to MM and being with her? Or does Gold want MM and David not to get together yet for some reason of his own.

We saw what happened to Graham when he remembered his past. He died, but that was because Regina's a spiteful cow who doesn't take being rejected well. What would happen to a character if they remembered their true past? Would they too die?


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