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Once Upon A Time -- How I Went From Loving To Loathing Snow And Charming

Updated on March 16, 2013

It’s hard to believe the way I rag on Snow Blight and Uncharming that when the first show aired I thought they were charming and magical together. Unfortunately, it proved to be a case of familiarity breeds contempt and too much of anything isn’t a good thing. And there’s been way too much of them.

I first turned on their Storybrooke counterparts of Mary-Margaret and David Nolan. The moment I began loathing MM was when she was shocked that Emma thought she deserved to be slapped by Kathryn. Yes, while in Fairy Tale Land she’s married to David, her reality in Storybrooke is he’s married to Kathryn. So thinking a woman who found out you were sleeping with her husband was out of line for slapping you was just too much. It made me want to slap her myself. And I began loathing David when he was sleeping with both Kathryn and MM and lying to both of them. It’s just so disgusting and sleazy.

I began loathing Snow White, first. I believe it started when she used Red turning into a wolf and killing her true love, Peter, against her to get her to take her to see Rump. And it just grew from there. Then Charming joined the group when I realized that if not for Rump, precious Charming wouldn’t have found his way to Snow Blight to wake her, and then he turned around and imprisoned Rump.

The loathing just grew as more and more couples didn’t get their happy ending because of Snow Blight and Uncharming. Ella and Thomas were parted because Uncharming enlisted them in a plan to imprison Rump. Snow Blight was the one who made Red think Peter was the wolf, which led to his death. Young Snow cost Regina her true love. And on and on it went. While we’re supposed to believe Blight and Uncharming have the bestest love of all.

I can sum up this supposed supreme romance in one sentence: They say, “I’ll find you, I’ll always find you,” as they have to find each other. After the first few times, it got really old fast. This has got to be the worst romance on the show. When they’re together they’re boring together. All they got going for each other as a couple is having to search for each other.

And the loathing just continued to grow as the Fairy Tale League Of Nations expected every fairy tale character to fall on the knife for Blight and Uncharming so they could escape the curse that was happening because of them. I applauded Gepetto when he wouldn’t go along with it, and insisted Pinocchio get one of the tickets out of Fairy Tale Land. He was the only one acting like he had a brain, and was treated like he was appallingly selfish by the Blue Fairy and Jiminy Cricket. What did Blight and Uncharming do for all these people that they’re willing to die for them? In a word, nothing.

The Blue Fairy turned Pinocchio into a real boy with strings attached, and Blight and Uncharming had nothing to do with them or helped them in any way, shape or form. The Blue Fairy was only helping Blight and Charming because Dumpy called in a favor for dumping Nova and not running away with her. Blight and Uncharming never did on thing for her to make her hopelessly devoted to them. The mentality seems to be it’s because their love is just so special everyone feels it an honor to die for them so they can be happy. What’s worse is these two obnoxious drips act like all this sacrifice for them is their due, as you never see them caring two bits about the people who sacrifice for them. But it comes as no shock. Look at how many times Rump has helped these two ungrateful nitwits and they’re never grateful and look down on him acting like they’re so much better than he is.

Then in season two the curse ended and the Blight and Uncharming madness spread to Storybrooke. Characters that were once good and interesting became simpering butt-kissing trolls worshipping at Blight and Uncharming’s cloven hooves. There’s only a handful of characters that don’t.

And that’s how Snow White and Prince Charming became Blight and Uncharming to me. They’re a pair of self-righteous obnoxious trolls and I don’t think anything could ever make me like them, again.


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