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Once Upon A Time -- How Red Murdered Her Mama

Updated on November 12, 2012

A flashback can make you or break you

While Red's first flashback made her into a great character, her second flashback pretty much took all that away from her.

They picked up Red's back story from where they left off: her killing her true love, Peter. Snow, apparently, ran off with Red, being the true and loyal friend that she is. I thought they wrote that so they could make Snow less of a troll for throwing Red killing Peter in Red's face to get her to take her to see Rump. They actually succeeded in making Snow seem more of a troll for doing that.

They split up and Red meets a guy named Quinn who is just like her. He takes her to his wolf pack and Red meets her mother who is the head of the pack. She teaches Red to embrace the wolf within her so she can control it and everything is going great. That is, until Snow White shows up and leads the Queen's guards to the wolf packs door. Quinn ends up getting an arrow in the chest, most likely meant for Snow Ho. When Red's mother wants to kill Snow for causing Quinn's death, Red shoots an arrow through her mother's heart. Then she goes over to her dying mother, I guess, expecting some last great mother-daughter moment after she shot her through the heart for some chick she's known less than a week, but her mother's like, "Get away from me you mother killer." Seriously, Red is like a total pea-brain. Did she really think her mother was going to tell her how much she loved her for shooting an arrow through her? Get real, dingbat.

Anyway, after Red buried her mother, she rejoiced in the fact she had Snow in her life. She was her true friend and the only person who ever truly accepted her for who she is. Yeah, she's also the person that threw in her face what she was to make her take her to Rump. What a friend! What family!

To recap, thanks to Snow, Red killed the love of her life and her mother. Yet, she feels it was worth it just to have her beloved Snow in her life. What a ninny. The first Red flashback made the character and this last one totally ruined her, along with her incessant Prince Pompous butt-kissing.

In Storybrooke Red was worried about the upcoming full moon, while Prince Pompous had the tar and nicotine scared out of him when King Charlie Widmore sat down to reveal himself to the great pretender. He was, of course, pompous and self-righteous, per usual when dealing with someone he feels is beneath him.

Red got out of the meat locker and someone turned out dead. BTW was there a continuity error with Billy the mouse from Cinderella? Didn't they throw the whole pumpkin and mice out when Rump zapped Ella's fairy, got her to sign a contract and sent her to the ball in exchange for her first born?

Anyway, the mouse turns up dead and Red is convinced she killed him. When King Charlie gets a torch bearing crowd aroused Pompous is able to prove King Charlie killed the man and set Red up. Well, he found Red's red cape in King Charlie's car, so I guess that was his proof that King Charlie killed the mouse. But since Pompous didn't arrest King Charlie, I think what he presented to the torch bearing crowd as proof that King Charlie set Red up was just his opinion and of course, they bought it hook, line and sinker. Whatever Pompous says they all take as gospel.

Of course, King Charlie had the last laugh when he burned what was left of Jefferson's hat and he almost made Pompous cry. Now, try to find your family, Pompous. Accompanied by an evil cackle as King Charlie threw his head back in evil glee.

Since Henry is all the family he's got left, you'd think he be extra-diligent with him. No, he's still as careless as ever. He promises the kid if he sleeps he'll be there if he has a bad dream. Nope, kid wakes up all disappointed because Regina is there when he wakes up. Regina calls in Rump when she sees Henry has a burned hand from his dream, and Rump gives him a necklace so he can control the dream. When he has the dream, he's able to communicate with Aurora and when she wakes up, she tells Emma and Snow that Henry was in the dream.

Dumpy the Fairy Slave, also finds a load of diamonds that the Blue Meanie says can be refined into her beloved fairy dust and give her back her power. Oh, joy. So, seems Pompous will be reunited with his beloved Snow sooner rather than later. He'll have a way to communicate with Snow through Henry's dreams and he'll have his precious fairies to sprinkle some dust on him and open a portal for him. Of course, if Henry should get stuck in a sleep state again, I'm sure Pompous will just rack it up to collateral damage. After all, his mother died so his precious Snow could bear him a kid and he was doing a happy jig two feet away from his mother's fresh dead body.

It was another not-so-great back story. The two best this season have been Rump's back story and learning Whale was Dr. Frankenstein.


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