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Once Upon A Time Rewatch: Episodes 1.3, 1.4 and 1.5

Updated on May 30, 2012

Is Rump collecting evil things?

There was one curiosity in episode three. Why was Charming so insistent on Snow calling him James, when James isn't really his name. At the time, it seemed he wanted to put things on a personal level with Snow, but in episode 6 we found out he's an imposter posing as Prince James. So he should have preferred her calling him Charming and not a name that wasn't really his own.

Of course, we now know why the emerald ring was so important to him. It belonged to his mother and that's why that was the only thing he was determined to get back. Everything else didn't belong to him and thus had no meaning for him.

Probably the most interesting episode of the three was episode 4. When Rump showed up and whacked the Yellow Fairy, he told Ella the magic wand was evil. Which, of course, lead to Rump making his deal with Ella for her first born child. He wouldn't come out and tell her what he wanted and she didn't even read what she was signing. I noticed that before Rump signed the contract Ella wanted him to sign, he actually read first what he was signing.

Of course, one wonders why he wanted Ella's child. If it was a boy, you might think he'd want it to replace Bae. Just what did he plan to do with the baby if he had gotten it? Rump doesn't ask for something unless he has a purpose for it. He even tried to get his hands on the baby in Storybrooke. Of course, that could be just like what he said to Ella when she double-crossed him about the baby belonging to him and how he would have if not in this world, then the next. Of course, he seemingly let the baby go when Emma agreed to owe him a favor. Again, another dimwit not demanding upfront to know what that favor would be. It could be something pretty bad when Rump finally names it.

A lot has been made of the fact some of the character's names have a meaning. Like Rump being called Mr. Gold when he spins gold from straw. I think Emma's name denotes she's the Ugly Duckling since like the Ugly Duckling she got separated from her own kind, lived in foster homes, and finally found where she really belongs when she came to Storybrooke. Ruby is another name for red. So does Alexandra have a meaning, too? The name Alexandra is supposed to be defender of mankind. Is it possible that Alexandra is the real savior that can break the curse?

A big Easter egg was planted in the episode about Red/Ruby, too. She has a wolf figurine hanging from the rear view window of her car. Of course, no one at the time realized it was a hint that Ruby/Red was the big bad wolf, herself.

We also had another moment where The Blue Fairy was trying to get others to do her dirty work to get rid of Rump. It didn't work with Bae when he got sent God's only knows where, so she took the opportunity with Ella and it once again resulted in some innocent party vanishing to God only knows where. But she got what she wanted. Rump imprisoned and powerless.

Speaking of Thomas vanishing, it was almost like the baby helped Rump to get his revenge for Ella double-crossing him. Ella thought something was wrong with the baby, which caused Thomas to go to the well where he vanished. Because of the contract Ella signed it was like the baby knew it belonged to Rump.

It was actually in episode 5 I started wondering if Rump was collecting evil things to help build his curse. He said the wand was evil. And so were Jiminy's parents. They were supposed to be turned into wooden puppets by the potion Rump gave Jiminy, but they managed to switch the vial and escape their fate. Rump wanted them once they were turned into wooden puppets. Had he planned to use the evil parents as part of his curse? The fact that Rump has them in his possession says he had to have gone and retrieved them. But were Geppetto's parents useless to him because they weren't evil? And you also have to wonder how those puppets got into Gold's shop in Storybrooke. Shouldn't they have been left behind in Fairy Tale Land?

And if Rump was collecting evil things, just what does that say for Snow and Charming and the fact he entwined their hairs together in a vial in his collection?

Anyway, it was another interesting few episodes with a lot of things that I missed or forgot. It really is interesting seeing all the things that are there that didn't have any real meaning at the time when I first watched.


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    • profile image

      gottabegod 5 years ago

      Your digging and explaining makes me want to watch all of the episodes again & again. Thank you for bringing so much more meaning to the show! God bless!