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Once Upon A Time -- The Return

Updated on April 23, 2012

I'm beginning to loathe all the Charmings and August, too

Before I get into the recap, there's something that's been bothering me more and more as this show goes on. Why does Henry feel Regina is their evil evil mother that deserves no loyalty, while this stranger who gave him up for adoption deserves all his love and loyalty. From what we've seen Regina isn't physically or emotionally abusive to the kid. She doesn't treat him the way Cinderella's stepmother treated her. He has the best of everything and lives in a big mansion. Granted, she's not the most demonstrative of mothers but look at what Regina had for a mother; she doesn't treat him like Cora treated her. So why was this kid so anxious to believe Regina was the Evil Queen that put a curse on the entire town? Is it just the fact that he's adopted and thinks his real mother will be so much better than his adopted mother? Personally, this kid is coming off as pretty ungrateful, and disloyal. And again, Regina destroying his and Emma's meeting place and trying to force Archie to convince Henry the fairy tale book wasn't real wasn't nice, but it's nowhere near the horrible and rotten things this kid acts like she's committed against him to justify him throwing the only mother he knows on the trash heap for the shiny new mommy that gave him up for adoption. And most of that was provoked by not wanting to lose everything she has because of Emma's arrival. It's really making this kid pretty unlikable.

Going from bad, ungrateful and disloyal son Henry, we have good and loyal son, Bae. No matter how evil Rump has become, he wants his father back. No matter how the other children won't associate with him because they're afraid of Rump, he hasn't turned on his father and run off to go looking for the mother who abandoned him. He doesn't even turn on his father when Rump turns a man who ran into him with a carriage and hurt his leg into a snail and smashed him under his foot. Instead, he goes looking for a much more powerful being to help save his father; the Blue Fairy.

Before going to find the Blue Fairy, Bae asks his father if he can find a way to turn him back into who he was before the magic transformed him into The Dark One without Rump having to be killed, if he'll do it. This is Rump's first deal. Rump shakes Bae's hand and promises he'll do it. It's a promise he'll ultimately break.

Bae goes to where the Blue Fairy is supposed to hang and she shows up. She said there's no magic that can make his father what he used to be. We saw when Belle kissed Rump he began to come back to himself. So why didn't the Blue Fairy tell Bae true love's kiss could change his father back? And isn't she the same chick that ruined Grumpy's happiness and turned him from Dreamy to Grumpy? Not only do I not like her, I don't trust her. I think she wanted to get rid of Rump and Bae played right into her hands.

She claimed that Bae could have his father back if he could take him to a land without magic. She gives him a magic bean. I think this was the show's homage to Jack And The Beanstalk. Bae goes back to his father and tells him what happened with the Blue Fairy then he and Rump go out into the woods and plant the bean.

I figured a huge beanstalk would suddenly rise from the ground, instead a green glowing hole opened up in the ground. Bae wants his father to go through it with him, but Rump won't do it. He yanks his hand free of Bae's. Bae calls his father a coward and he disappears as the ground closes up again. As soon as the ground closes up Rump regrets his cowardice and breaking his deal with Bae.

Rump goes to the Blue Fairy wanting another bean, but she says there isn't any. He also wants Bae back and she says she can't do that either. It's at this point Rump comes up with an idea to bring the entire Fairy Tale Land to this land without magic. She assures him he doesn't have the magic to do it, but he vows he'll get it. Rump used Regina to enact the curse so he could come to the same land Bae did to try and find him. It's why he refused to give up his magic for Belle's love, because he loves Bae more and to give up his magic for love would have been giving up ever finding Bae.

I do, however, think the Blue Fairy, played both Bae and Rump false. We know that Storybooke was built on top of Fairy Tale Land. The magic bean opened a hole in the ground and so did Jefferson's hat. I think the Blue Fairy was trying to trap Bae and Rump in Wonderland. And if she trapped some poor innocent child in that nightmare land and went on her way without lifting a finger to help him, just who is evil now, Miss Holier Than Thou? She's no better than Rump if she was willing to sacrifice a child just to get rid of Rump; that's just plain evil.

Wasn't it the Blue Fairy who turned Archie into a bug when he came to her for help when he felt so guilty about what he die to Geppetto's parents and got him to be in service to him, claiming Geppetto would need guidance so he didn't go bad? it's interesting that Archie is another connection between Rump and the Blue Fairy.

In Storybrooke August is writhing in bed in pain and seems to have a seizure that has him falling out of bed. He calls Henry to work on Operation: Cobra and gets him to distract Gold while he snoops around in his office. Gold, however, catches him before he can find whatever he's looking for.

Meanwhile, Kathryn is taken to the hospital and says the last thing she recalls is her airbag releasing and being kept in a dark basement, being fed food and water and then she suddenly woke-up outside and made her way back to town. David pays her a visit in the hospital and she totally free passes everything he did. In short, David pretty much got off scot-free for cheating on his wife and lying. However, fellow cheater MM won't forgive him because he betrayed her by not believing in her. In short, MM thinks she should be free passed for betraying Kathryn but when she's the one who gets betrayed then you have to pay for that.

I was kind of laughing at MM's welcome home party or more aptly titled, "You Didn't Kill The Wife Of The Man You Were Screwing." What I found so funny is all of MM's friends treated her like a leper a week ago, crossing the street so they didn't have to walk on the same side of the road as her and writing WHORE on her car.Now they found out she's just a love cheat and not a murderess they're all her friends again, to the point of throwing a big party for her. Can you say hypocrite?

Another hypocrite is Emma. I don't know how many times she goes to Gold for help, but when his help doesn't meet her prissy standards she's all judgmental. Gold has never hidden from you what he is. If you find him so objectionable then stop making deals with him to get him to do your dirty work for you. She thinks Gold is the one who kidnapped Kathryn. He denies it and wants to know what she knows about August.

As it turns out, old Emma is right, as Regina confronts Gold for breaking their deal. Regina wanted Gold to kill Kathryn, and he only kidnapped her and made it look like she was dead. Regina realizes all fingers are going to point at her and wonders why he betrayed her like this, as they've been in on this together from the start. What she doesn't realize yet is she was always just Rump's pasty in his plan to come to this world to try and find Bae.

Emma confronts Sydney for betraying her and is disgusted when she realizes he's in love with Regina. Later, just as Emma thinks she's going to finally get Regina, Sydney confesses to kidnapping Kathryn and keeping her prisoner. Sydney claims he did it to get a big enough story to get his old job back at The Mirror.

Emma's fit to be tied because Regina has thwarted her again, so she declares that since Regina tried to take someone she loves from her [MM] she's going to take who Regina loves from her, HER KID. So basically Emma is saying Regina loves Henry while Emma only sees HER KID as a tool of revenge to use against Regina to pay her back. And this is the woman that Henry thinks is such a better mother than Regina is.

Meanwhile, Gold returns the favor, and breaks into August's room, and finds a drawing of the dagger that can kill him. He then goes to Archie for counseling and reveals he thinks August is his son Bae and that he's come to town to kill him. Archie advises Gold to confront August and he does just that. August addresses him as poppa and Gold begs his forgiveness for not going with him and giving up his magic. He tells August a day hasn't gone by such he vanished that he hasn't tried to find him. Gold even digs up the dagger and gives it to August to do what he wants with it, even kill him if that's what he wants to do. When August tries to use it against Gold to control him, Gold realizes he isn't really Bae.

August admits he's dying and he needs magic to save his life. He came here to convince Emma to believe in the curse to save his life. Gold decides not to kill him and to let him go on trying to convince Emma the curse is real. He cryptically adds that one way or another he'll be dead. if August can't convince Emma the curse is real, then his illness will kill him, but Gold also seems to be suggesting that if August succeeds in convincing her the curse is real that will also kill him.

I'm not particularly fond of August, so I'm glad he's not Bae. I think the person that is Bae is Jefferson. Unfortunately, MM may have killed him and sent him back to Wonderland, since he vanished right after he fell to the ground. From what Jefferson said to Regina he was trapped in Wonderland before and he escaped and he didn't want to go back. Somehow he made a hat that opened the portal between the two worlds and he was able to escape.

If Bae is indeed Jack of Jack And The Beanstalk, if you think about the land Jack landed into after climbing up the beanstalk there's some similarities to Wonderland. It's a strange land where inanimate objects can talk. And The Giant and The Queen Of Hearts are the evil villains in charge of the place. Fee fie foe fum, I smell the blood of an Englishmen. Be he alive or be he dead; I'll grind his bones to make my bread. And Off with their head.

Of course, the irony would be if Bae/Jefferson, who hated magic, ended up becoming as crazed as his father became as Rumpelstiltskin. And he's also trapped in one world while his child is trapped in another as he tries to find a way back to her. Just like all these years Rump has been trying to find a way back to Bae. It's kind of the way Regina ended up becoming her mother and she hated what her mother was.

It is interesting how the lines are blurring between the supposed heroes and villains. It's becoming more like there are no real heroes and villains just people who do whatever they have to to get what they want.


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