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Once Upon A Time --When Snow Ate The Apple

Updated on May 7, 2012

"You're too noble for you own good." Gag me!

From a writing standpoint, I know I'm supposed to feel sorry for Snow White. When she was a child she made a mistake that lead to someone's death. Now Regina wants revenge against her. She killed her father. She tried to have her heart cut-out. Then Regina got her to eat a poisoned apple. Unfortunately, I'm not feeling sorry for Snow. I think it may come down to the actresses performances. Not to mention overkill of the Snow character. And every character acting like they should sacrifice their happiness all so she can be happy; like she's somehow the more deserving of happiness than anyone else. Not to mention she's just so annoying as Mary Margaret in Storybrooke.

I didn't feel bad about Regina manipulating Sydney into killing Snow's father. Not after that speech where she's going on about his dead wife and daughter, which was totally disrespecting his current wife, Regina. No woman should have to put up with that kind of crap, so I kind of feel like Regina was almost driven to do it and she killed him more for the crappy way he treated her, than for what Snow did to Daniel. Then she sends Graham out to rip Snow's heart out which is what she caused to happen to Daniel by not keeping her mouth shut, and Snow what's some pious little martyr letter to Regina that makes Graham decide to protect her and lie to Regina. It's like Regina can't get her rightful revenge against this twit. I mean, when Regina was about to unleash the curse, that stinking Blue Fairy was trying to find a way for the person the curse was aimed at to escape while everyone else stayed and suffered for her. As a viewer, I'm getting as irritated as Regina is. She's not that special everyone should be willing to fall on a blade for her.

With Henry it's a combination of the child actor and the writing. It's acknowledged that the one person Regina loves is Henry. She's raised this kid for years until he found out about the fairy tale curse. And the kid acts like he never loved Regina, even though she's never done anything horrible to him. That would be fine if Regina stole him from Emma, but Emma gave this kid away of her own freewill. It just makes the kid come off as an ungrateful little brat who doesn't love Regina because she's not his blood.

Anyway, we were treated to yet another Snow White and Prince Charming story, and there's been so many they've lost their charm a long time ago. King Charlie Widmore is about to cut off Charming's head when Regina turns the blade to water and offers to pay a fortune for him to use him to destroy Snow White. Meanwhile everyone, including the fairies, are willing to die for Snow so she can have her happiness, as they help her wage war to save fake Prince Charming. It's like I'm watching The Vampire Diaries Elena wherever feels it's their privilege to die for her to keep her safe.

You even got the prerequisite Elena fawning with Red telling Snow that she's too noble for her own good. But she wasn't too noble to throw in Red's face a few episodes back how she turned into a wolf and ate the love of her life to get what she wanted from Red, was she? Anyway, Regina takes Snow to Daniel's grave and tells her what really happened to Daniel. Snow thinks that since Regina killed her jerk father that makes them even. Regina doesn't see it that way and gives her a choice: eat the apple or Regina kills Fake Prince Charming. So our little martyr eats the apple and [this part had me rolling my eyes] as Snow ate the apple, Charming began to choke in his cell like he could feel it as she ate it. Tell me, did Charming also feel the labor pains when Snow was giving birth?

Unfortunately, it looks like we have yet another Snow White and Prince Charming Fairy Tale Land flashback to get through next week. May it be the last.

In Storybrooke Regina has a nightmare where everyone comes after her because they've remembered who she is and Emma is about to kill her. Unfortunately, waking up doesn't soothe Regina when she discovers her apple tree is dying and she feels it's because the curse is weakening because of Emma. Okay, one question. I thought Regina didn't know who Emma was. Just when did she find out Henry was Snow and Charming's grandchild and that Emma was their daughter and the key to breaking the curse?

Anyway, she goes to Gold for help in finding some way to stop the curse from weakening. Gold reminds her that if Emma dies the curse will be broken, so Regina can't kill Emma or the curse will end. Regina realizes Gold wants to end the curse for some reason, so she turns to someone else to help her with her Emma problem. She leaves a rabbit card on the back of Grace/Paige's bike and Jefferson comes to see her.

So, Jefferson didn't get hurt when MM kicked him out the window. It seems like the only way you can truly die in Storybrooke is if you have your heart ripped out and it's crushed. She cuts a deal with Jefferson: if he helps her keep the curse intact she'll help Jefferson regain his daughter Grace. Jefferson doesn't want Grace to remember Fairy Tale Land, since he says it's a living hell to remember your real past while living the life you're leading in Storybrooke. He wants Regina to fashion a new reality for him and Grace.

Regina says she will once he helps her. She brings out his old hat, but he says he can't make it work. Regina has some leftover magic. She has to sacrifice Daniel's ring to make the hat work. They can't go to Fairy Tale Land, but they can retrieve the poison apple Regina used on Snow.

Once Regina has the apple in her hand, she makes an apple tart to give to Emma. It won't kill her, but it'll put her in a deathlike state.

Meanwhile, Henry almost causes Emma's car to crash when she wants them to leave Storybrooke together. He wants her to stay and break the curse, but she doesn't want to do it. He goes to August who has become more wooden. Not his acting; his arms are now as wooden as his legs. He tells Henry he's out of Operation Cobra because Emma won't believe because she doesn't want to believe. He intends to spend what time he has left with Geppetto.

MM is pretty cold and judgmental because Emma was going to leave Storybrooke without saying goodbye and was kidnapping Henry. Maybe MM senses if Emma leaves she won't get her happily ever after. Thought her attitude was kind of inappropriate. She had no understanding and empathy. As I said, it's a lot of MM's behavior that's turned me off of Snow White.

While Henry is talking to August, Emma is talking to Archie who says her presence in Henry's life hasn't really made it better. He's skipping school and stealing, so no judge would grant her custody. Emma finally decides to make a deal with Regina where she leaves town but can still see Henry. Regina appears to agree to it, but before Emma leaves she gives her her poisonous tart.

Regina goes to Gold to brag she's taken care of the matter and tells Gold he should cancel his traveling plans because he's stay right where he is. She reveals she used the last of her magic to accomplish it. Gold, however, warns her she should remember that with magic there's a price. And it seems to be the only thing Regina loves: Henry. The little twit eats the tart to get Emma to believe when he learns Regina gave it to her and falls to the floor. It was a weirdly cold and unemotional scene as Emma just stood across the room saying his name and not moving as he was laying on the floor not moving. Somehow, I get the feeling if Henry dies it'll affect Regina more than it will Emma.

Gold said one thing that gave me pause. I assumed if the curse ended they'd all go back to Fairy Tale Land, but I wonder if that's true, after all. He made it sound like if the curse ended, they'd all remain in Storybrooke and Regina would be trapped there with people who knew what she did and they'd be out for her blood. Can they never go home again?


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