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Once Upon A Time -- When Snow Met Charming

Updated on November 7, 2011

A prince by any other name is still as sweet

Remember how you had to wait until the end of Sex and the City to find out what Big's first name was? Well, we learned Prince Charming's real name in Fairy Tale Land and Storybrooke in this episode. In FTL it's James [I was sure he was going to say John, hence the moniker John Doe] and is Storybrooke it's David Nolan. Like Snow, I think I'll stick with Charming, as Charming seems to suit him better than James does.

Anyway, in Storybrooke, Mary-Margaret is out on a date with John Doe's doctor, Dr. Webb. I had a hard time recognizing David Anders from The Vampire Diaries as Dr. Webb. He just looked so young. And good looking. Saying that kind of creeps me out, as I couldn't stand him as Uncle John in The Vampire Diaries. Anyway, MM's date with the doc doesn't go well, as she catches him ogling Ruby [who I still think may be Little Red Riding Hood] in her super short waitress outfit as she's bending over.

On the way home, MM sees that Emma is living in her car. No one will let Emma have a room in Storybrooke. Gee, I wonder who could have arranged that? Regina, aka the Evil Queen. MM invites her to stay with her in her spare room, but Emma turns her down. She likes living alone.

Henry's newest task for Emma is to convince MM to read the Snow White and Prince Charming love story from his Once Upon A Time book to John Doe to get him to wake-up. Emma suggests MM do it so Henry will accept this fairytale nonsense is just that, nonsense.

MM agrees and begins reading the story to JD. While she's reading, JD grabs her hand. MM calls Dr. Webb, who claims she must have imagined it, then he makes a call to Regina telling her that something has happened. Unlike what he told MM, there was a definite change in JD's brainwaves when MM was reading to him.

In FTL we learn how Snow and Charming met. It wasn't a fairytale romance, pun intended.

Charming is traveling in his carriage with his betrothed, who appears to be a real nit. The carriage stops when there's a tree blocking the road. Charming gets out to investigate and realizes the tree was purposely cut down. Inside the carriage the nit starts screaming as a cloaked figure reaches in a steals Charmin's satchel of jewels, including his mother's ring he intends to give to said nit.

Charming chases the thief and knocks him down to the ground and it's Snow. But our artful dodger manages to escape from him. As she runs off, he yells that wherever she is he'll find her. That saying doesn't seem as romantic as it did when he said it after he kissed Snow awake in the first episode.

Some time appears to pass, as Charming keeps his promise, and captures Snow in a net. He demands his jewels back. He also has a wanted posted of Snow that's been posted by The Queen stating she's wanted for murder, treachery and treason. Snow reveals that the Queen tried to have her heart cut out and feels she ruined her life. Charming asks, "Did she?" and Snow says yes.

Snow manages to escape again but runs into the Queen's men who intend to cut her heart out. Charming saves her from them, and Snow finally agrees to take him to the place where she sold his jewels. Charming reveals he really only wants the ring from the satchel back that belonged to his mother. He intends to give it to his betrothed. Snow derides his choice and brides and suggests it's basically a marriage of convenience.

Snow sold the jewels to some trolls. They find the wanted poster of her and things turn nasty. This time it's Snow who saves Charming by using fairy dust from a glass heart she wore around her neck to dispatch the trolls and save the prince. Earlier she had told him she was saving it for someone special. Charming brings that up after the fight is over, and says she'll just find something else.

Snow tries on the ring Charming wants to give to his betrothed and says it wouldn't suit her, anyway. Before they part way Charming reveals his real name is James, but Snow says she prefers Charming. In Storybrooke, MM is wearing the same ring that Charming intended to give his betrothed.

John Doe wakes from his coma and escapes the hospital. He heads into the woods. Henry tells MM and Emma that JD is trying to find MM. The Sheriff along with Henry, MM and Emma search the woods for him. MM finds him passed out in the water and revives him. At one point it looks like she kisses him awake much like Charming did to Snow in Fairy Tale Land.

JD is taken back to the hospital, where Regina is waiting. She says she knows who JD is. His name is David Nolan and that he has a wife named, Katherine. Katherine is the nit Charming was preparing to marry in FTL. She seems a lot nicer in Storybrooke.

Regina tells Emma that the worse curse she could think of is to have no one, which is the life MM is living. She twists Charming's mother's ring on her finger as she watching David awkwardly hugging Katherine who he has no memory of. David and MM share a look before she leaves.

Emma shows up on MM's doorstep asking if she can change her mind about staying in her room. At one point, it seemed like Emma was starting to believe, until Regina stomped all over the whole thing by bringing Katherine into the picture.

The interesting thing about David being married to Katherine is if Charming hadn't met Snow that's the same thing that would have happened in Fairy Tale Land. So he's basically living out the path not taken in Storybrooke.

The recap at the start of the show settled the debate on whether Regina knew or didn't know about FTL. She does. She remembers everything. But she doesn't know the truth about Emma ans who she is. However, Rump does, so it hints that Rump aka Mr. Gold, also retains his full memory of Fairy Tale Land.

Still no clue who The Sheriff was in FTL. My theory was he was Cinderella's prince, but from the promo for next week it appears Cinderella's prince is a blonde. And the theory that the Evil Queen was out to get Snow because Charming was the man that Evil lost bit the dust. The mystery man is someone else.

The Cinderella story for next week looks like it's really going to be interesting. It appears in this version Rump was her fairy godmother only he didn't help her for free.


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