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Once upon a forest a childhood favorite

Updated on January 21, 2012

the story

I always told myself that if I was to ever write about a classic movie from my childhood that once upon a forest would be the subject I treasure must. Released in 1993 this movie follows a group of Furlings, Russell a hedgehog, Abagail a mouse, and Edger a mole on their journey to save Michelle who was poisoned by toxic gas. An accident occurred in Dappelwood in which a truck was thrown off the road carrying poisonous toxic gas. Daplewood became plagued and Michelle fell ill after in search of her family. Cornelius the furlings instructor insisted they search for another meadow to locate some herbs to conduct a remedy to save Michelle’s life. Cornelius spoke of his past when he was younger in his home town Meadowbrooke that was plagued by toxic gas by humans. He and his sister managed to survive but his parents we’re not so fortunate. The furlings rush out in search of the herbs as they come a crossed a bunch of obstacles that tell a tale of misfortunate events. The meet a group of flocks in which they find out they must cross the land of the yellow dragons ( as you watch, the yellow dragons end up being a land full of construction equipment led by humans). They make it to the meadow in search of the herbs and run into a few complications. They then must make the flappa-thingy-magin( kid you not) to reach the herb and make it back on time to save their friend. The story is uplifting and reaches the core of your soul as you see them triumph in victory as they only have two days to help their fellow furling.

A lesson

One thing that is a great lesson in this film is you hear the furlings instructor Cornelius speak of the treachery the humans had brought upon his village in Meadowbrooke. How they sprayed a toxic gas to rid the land of pest. During or near the end Edger the mole gets trapped as humans have come to Dapplewood. Scared and startled one of the humans opens the cage and releases Edger back to the wild. The humans we're sent to remove the poisonous gas from the land and remove any cages that was left in the tracks. Cornelius was astonished to see this type of behavior from the humans because he had himself convinced that they we're monsters. You learn not only should you not judge based off others experiences but to progress forward with courage and admiration and even what seems like the impossible becomes available within your grasp.


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