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One Direction Filipino Craze: The Weeds and the Fuss 2014

Updated on June 8, 2014
One Direction (harry, zayn, liam, louis and niall)
One Direction (harry, zayn, liam, louis and niall)

One Direction is undeniably the hottest boyband (or manband?) of our generation, with millions of fans around the globe also known as ‘directioners’ (COUNT ME IN!). It’s been four years since the band started from the hit TV talent show- The X factor UK. They ended their x factor journey in third place but this wasn’t something that could stop this five lads (Liam, Louis, Zayn, Niall and Harry) from shining because after that… Poof! They became a worldwide phenomenon, conquering the whole world with their songs and their charms.

One Direction 2010
One Direction 2010 | Source

Well, I started eyeing and earing this band way back 2011 and ended up being a die-HARD directioner even though I fought real hard not to notice them (still got my Bieber fever hangover back then). From, posters, songs (that invaded my whole playlist), 1D ballers, necklaces and more, you’d easily pick a 1D fan from a crowd (or from a group of carrots... LOLx.).

1D in Manila
1D in Manila | Source

1D in Manila 2015

Just a month (or so) ago, an announcement here in the Philippines came out stating that 1D will finally be landing on our island next year. Making waves to all the local TV stations and made us fans go cray-cray like nuts. Then after a few days, the tickets were already ups-for-grabs to all the rich and wealthy fans... that made some cray-cray moments again to us JUAN DIRECTIONERS (Filipino directioners) because first, the tickets are sooooo expensive for us small fellows and second, for goodness sake! It was announced only a few freaking days ago. Since I am filthy broke, I stand no chance of getting a ticket even for gen-ad. Though I think the crying scenes from my fellow juandies in the ticket selling booths when the VIP tickets had been easily sold out after a few hours caught the eyes of the management and grant us a 2nd show! Yuppadoodledoo! Tickets selling for that will be released on July… (Yeah, 2 monthssss… sadly, I think I’m still broke by then... #unluckyme #CanSomeoneSpareMeAJobOrTwo???!!)

2 nights in Manila!
2 nights in Manila!

But this is not the thing I wanna dig though. Because after a couple of days and nights… our facebook and twitter timelines exploded with this video, showing Zayn and Louis smoking what the world said to be as ‘weeds’. Other fans were yapping about the video saying that it weren’t weeds, saying it were just rolled cigarettes or something like that. Some said that it was just a huge prank made by the prank mastahs themselves, Louis and Zayn.


But all the he-says-she-says didn’t stop the buzz. Especially here in the Phils where the parents are still in high because of their children’s 1D ticket prizes. Local TV news were all dipping their fingers into the story and airing parts and pix from the said video. Fans were hysterical about why these TV networks were spreading our idols’ vid and showing how negative it is. And they (we) were all nerve-wracked about our parents seeing the video. I actually heard one of my fellow juandie on Facebook about how her father asked her to burn all her 1D merchandise. But all of us are standing tall for the lads. Of course, fans are fans, we always have our idols’ backs even we are not yet sure if what statements or rumors are real or false.

In the midst of all the craze, Daddy LeeYum, Liam Payne tweeted...

@Real_Liam_Payne tweets
@Real_Liam_Payne tweets | Source

A gesture fully appreciated by us (the ones who truly understands aka directioners). To think about it, it’s really not good to do such things but Liam has a point. This four-British-one-Irish singing heartthrobs started the road when they were just teensies and now, 2014, they just got out of the teenage category. Just imagine growing up out on the road, all the pressure of the world are on your shoulders, digging every bit of your life for other people’s entertainment. Celebrity life isn’t just all glam-glam or fame. There’s more to it that normal folks like us would never ever understand.

And now there are NGOs who are appealing for them to undergo a drug test before they could step in the country. (??) . I seriously believe that protecting our country with drug pushers, dealers or syndicates are a major SHOULD. But some artist that will never even influence anyone to do bad things and even inspire them with their lives? I don’t think that’s fair. If you actually saw them and you have enough proof to say that these guys sell or influence people, especially the youth to use or tolerate this… you have all the rights to go ahead and do what you should do.

But if not and you still wants to stop them from visiting their fans, then I think you should also put everyone who enters the country in the same drug test.

1st day of ticket selling
1st day of ticket selling | Source

The people, especially the non-fans would see more of what’s on the outside. They are right, mostly. They are right that it is incredibly wrong to smoke weed or even just to smoke cigarettes. They are right about children should avoid those things. And what they did was definitely wrong.

But they are human.

They do make mistakes and what's important is that they know that that was a mistake and would not let any fan do as what they did.

Knowing these five lads, they are nothing but great gentlemen. Real people with real hearts. With such great sense of humor that can make the world smile and even save lives, literally. I am not just telling these things because I’m a fan but because I do understand.

They will say that I don’t or we don’t really know them well. We haven’t met yet. But I just want to give you back the question, do you know them well? Have you met them in person and spent years with them? If no, then you don’t have any right to judge. No one has.

We deeply understand that our parents, and guardians have all the right to worry and care. But what we need is trust. Your trust. If you are worried that your children would do the same thing and try smoking just because they saw it from them. The question is, did you raise them that way?

In the end of the day, it all comes down to what we are as a person. To how we were raised and what is our perception with what’s right and what’s wrong. If you can’t believe and trust this five lads who inspires us every day then just believe and trust US.

-ThatWallFlowerJen xx

(A simple fan... )

One Direction 'PILIPINAS'
One Direction 'PILIPINAS'

1D in a Drug Test

Do you agree to let 1D in the country without drug test?

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    • profile image

      Laura 3 years ago

      yeah guess your`e right!

    • ThatWallflowerJen profile image

      Jenny Pasahol 3 years ago from PH

      that's right! btw, thank you for your comment.. fully appreciated ;) have a great day!

    • dailytop10 profile image

      dailytop10 3 years ago from Davao City

      This group create good music but they should be responsible for being a role model to the youth. Anyways, your hub is very impressive considering it's your first. Welcome to hubpages and I hope you have a great time here!