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One Life To Live -- August 8, 2013

Updated on August 18, 2013

The truth about Jeffrey is revealed

If you actually like Jeffrey better than Matthew, this probably wasn't a good episode for you. As it turned out Jeffrey isn't what we all think he is, after all.

The catfish followed Matthew and Destiny to the hospital where Destiny was told a seizure was normal in children with high fevers and that they were giving Drew an ice bath to get his temperature down. Of course, the catfish doesn't like to be ignored, so she put herself forward and started asking Matthew if he felt Drew was a mistake. She finally crossed a line with him and he told her to back-off. Then when Bo and Nora showed up, she forced herself forward by announcing she was Matthew's girlfriend, which made Matthew tell her it was time she left. All I can say is it's about time.

Needless to say Nora is not pleased about this catfish declaring herself Matthew's girlfriend. All her plans for Matthew involve him getting together with Destiny. A little warning to our little catfish. She'd better not cop the attitude she's copped with Dani with Nora, cause Nora will eat her for breakfast.

I did love Shaun's comment when Destiny called him to hear his voice, that she should call Bo and Nora to have some real family support. Translation: he's not giving Matthew a free pass for his dead beat daddy ways the way everyone else is.

Todd and Blair spent one last night together in his apartment. When they were making love on the couch Todd was wearing two thin rings on his wedding ring finger and when he was leaving Blair was wearing one of them. Is it possible they could have got remarried or are they wearing the rings because they feel they're married in their hearts.

After declaring their love for each other, Todd departs and Blair breaks down and cries. Todd has a hard time walking away, but as he finally does he looks at another note from the Tattooed Terrors. I couldn't read what it said, but it appears he's been given some new orders. Have they now told him where he has to go? Whatever the case, he didn't share this message with Blair.

Rama still thinks she's going to be the star of Vickerman, but David tells her the show is going in a different direction. Unfortunately, she won't take no for an answer and feels as the other woman she should be a major part of the show. What neither realize is Jo has another leading lady in mind for Vickerman. She goes to Dorian and convinces her to be a part of the show without David knowing it to tell her side of the story and Dorian says yes. Sucks to be you, David.

Jeffrey is trying to get Viki to do a big story on David's arrest. Seems that's Todd's paper The Sun got hold of Clint's mug shot and put it on the front page. Viki doesn't want to make a big deal out of it, then Jeffrey shows up with a video of Clint punching the bouncer outside of Shelter and wants to know if she wants to post it on the online version of The Banner. She says she needs to think about it.

As it turns out, Jeffrey may have ulterior motives for pushing Viki to publicize Clint's arrest. He lets himself into a strange apartment where he calls to someone. I didn't think it was the place he shares with Dani and Matthew when he first entered. After taking a bottle of beer out of the fridge, he flops on the couch and removes his shoes. As he props his feet up on the coffee table the camera closes in on the bottom of his foot and lo and behold he's got a tattoo on his foot. Turns out he's another of the Tattoo Terrors.

This, of course, brings about a lot of questions. Did Jeffrey have anything to do with Dani's overdose and Briana's murder? What is he doing with Viki and why is he trying to get her to publicly humiliate Clint? And just who lives in that apartment he went to. It'd be a major hoot if the apartment belongs to the catfish and their whole animosity is just pretend. Which would mean she's a member of the Tattoo Terrors, as well.

Jeffrey keeps saying his mentor Carl Peterson is coming to town. Is it possible Carl is the head of the Tattoo Terrors? Are we finally going to find out just what these people are after and what their ultimate goal is?

I have to say the actress that plays Destiny was kind of cringe-worthy whenever she tried to act like a hysterical mother worried about her son. She looks so young, so she probably can't relate to how a mother would feel if her child was sick. The actor that plays Matthew did a little bit better as a worried father.

Meanwhile Clint was trying to do damage control now he'd been outted to the entire town. He gave the Veteran's organization hosting the gala a large donation so they wouldn't dump him as Man Of The Year. He tried to make his arrest be about Bo trying to teach his a lesson that got out of hand.

I got a bad feeling this Carl Peterson may turn out to be a new love interest for Viki once he hits town. Of course, it could be fun if Dorian also makes a play for him and Clint and David get in on the act. I guess it's all going to depend on just who they cast as Carl Peterson. Hopefully it'll be a good older actor with some charisma.

Whatever the case it seems the Tattoo Terror story is finally jumping into high gear and were going to finally start learning who these people are. Just why did they want Todd to kill Victor and if they have Victor why don't they kill him themselves. And why force Todd into leaving town? Or was Victor a willing member of them? More importantly is it possible the baddest mother of them all, Irene, is somehow involved in this mess.

Hopefully, we'll find out more about this soon.


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