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One Life To Live -- The Week Of July 8, 2013

Updated on July 14, 2013

Is it the end for Clint and Viki?

Another of the Tattoo People was revealed in town and it was none other than Jason Murray, the dude that was practically having sex in a public place with Brianna at Shelter. Bo questioned him and he lied about Brianna not taking any drugs when she was with him. We all recall him pushing a pill on her and getting her to take it, then her giving her a public lap dance. It seems the Tattooed People are bold as brass, as he literally committed his crime in front of a room full of people without any of them realizing it. You can't get bolder than that. After he left, he pulled up his sleeve and revealed he had one of those tattoos in the exact same spot that Victor has one. It seems that's where they all bare their tattoo. I wonder if it's also on the same arm.

Jeffrey and Dani weren't pleased about Matthew's continued involvement with Michelle. Out of that displeasure, Dani agreed to go over to the Palace Hotel and help Arturo clean out Brianna's stuff. She admired all the fancy clothes Arturo bought for Brianna and he tried to give her some money to buy something pretty for herself, but she refused. After he left, who should come knocking at the door by Michelle, who works there as a housekeeper. Seems she's lied to Matthew again about what she does for a living. She also lied to Matthew that she was in Toronto with her parents. She tries to persuade Dani to keep her lies from Matthew. Dani is about to tell Matthew the truth about Michelle's lies, when Michelle shows up and beats her to the punch.

Dorian was determined she would take down Viki one way or another. She tried to get Nora to do her dirty work for her, and when Nora wouldn't bite, she crossed the line and threatened she'd see Nora charged as well if she tried to protect Viki. Nora went over to Viki to tip her off about Dorian and Nora suggested maybe she shouldn't trust what Clint is saying. Viki wasn't after what Clint did to Natalie and asked Jeffrey to get her a list of the investors in the Pellegrino Fund. Turns out her money went in and Clint lied. He gave her his own money to cover what she invested. She gives Clint one last time to be honest, but he continues to lie.

Getting no satisfaction from Nora, even after threatening her, Dorian calls Frank the broker and he tells her that Viki lost her shirt with everyone else. Dorian figures out what Clint did and she can't wait to go over to Llanfair and blow Clint and Viki's relationship out of the water. Of course, as the old saying goes what you sow so shall ye reap, and Dorian reaped a big taste of her own medicine.

David wanted her to go out and celebrate with him the fact he might have a network deal for his reality show Vickerman, but Dorian blew David off and put her vendetta against Viki, first. While Dorian was off trying to destroy Clint and Viki's relationship, David was getting extremely cozy with Rama. In fact, David and Rama share a hot kiss on the dance floor just as Dorian arrives wanted David to celebrate her victory over Viki and she gets quite an eye full. She vows she'll never forgive David for what he's done.

Meanwhile Viki returns Clint his ring and says she can't marry him. I don't think it's because he gave her the money, but because she gave him every chance in the world to be honest with her over what he'd done and he kept on lying.

While Dorian was threatening to send Viki and Nora to the big house, I kept wondering if Dorian herself couldn't get sent there, herself. She knew the Pellegrino Fund was a fraud and gave a false stock tip to Frank who passed it on to Viki. So if anyone figures out what she did couldn't she be the one in big trouble? Not that Frank will admit what Dorian told him since he could be accused of insider trading himself. I just wonder how long before someone puts all the pieces together and realizes Dorian was behind the whole thing.

Jack was still sleeping with and seeing his teacher, but when she discovered Todd's man Sean was watching her and Jack she couldn't get away from Jack fast enough. Yet she had no problem being out in public with Jack and not exactly acting like a teacher to him. It makes me wonder if she's a member of the Tattooed People out to get Todd. She didn't mind being out in public with Jack until there was a chance Todd might find out.

Todd and Blair grew closer as they waited for the police to discover Victor's body. Thankfully, Tea had the day off and we didn't have to endure her screeching and shrieking up a blue streak. See, even Tea gets a few days off and isn't on every day like nerdy Matthew.

Speaking of the King of Nerds he had the nerve to open Jeffrey's private mail and he didn't feel the least little bit guilty about it. Guess he wanted to pay Jeffrey back for answering his phone and uncovering the truth about his little catfish Michelle. Yeah, I now know what the term means. It means to lie online about who you are. Have no idea why they call that catfishing, though. But what Jeffrey did was to protect this dimwit from himself because he's such a dumb dork and what he did to Jeffrey was just mean-spirited. The guy is the biggest creep on the show.

The letter was from Jeffrey's mentor who is coming to town. I guess they decided to not make Paolo Seganti be Jeffrey's guardian since the benefactor's name is Carl Petersen. Makes me wonder if Carl could be behind the Tattooed People. It's too bad they decided to make Seganti a creepy letch into college girls instead of Jeffrey's guardian.

The double date Natalie planned didn't go as she planned. Just as she was wrapping her leg around Cutter's he got a call from Rama about the ice machine being on the blink and left. Strangely enough the pretend couple of Destiny and Jeffrey had a better time together. Cutter called later asking for a rain check and the date to be just between him and Natalie.


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