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One Life To Live -- Where They Dropped The Ball In The Two Todds Story

Updated on August 18, 2011

People Who Should Be Reacting To Two Todds Aren't

Minus the explanation that belongs in Mystery Science Theater, the two Todds story has been pretty good. But one place they've totally dropped the ball is in having certain people reacting to the news.

Bo and Nora Buchanan have a long history with Roger Howarth's Todd. Bo is the Police Commissioner. And yet he has yet to react to there being two Todds in town. Ditto for D.A. Nora Buchanan. Roger Howarth's Todd stalked Nora when she went blind. She was also his attorney when he got charged with gang raping Marty Saybrooke and when she found out she did it, she purposely through the case. Granted, Bo and Nora are worried about their son, Matthew, and his pregnant teen queen girlfriend, but do they even know about the two Todds?

People have been complaining that Blair has gotten the shaft in this story, for the headwriters pet, Tea Delgado, and maybe they have a point. There have hardly been any scenes with Blair dealing with the two Todds, except for playing a kissing game to try and figure out which is which. She also is kissing Scumas Delgado, the guy who was sent to murder the father o her children, who stole her and Todd's wedding picture from his bloody hand, and proceeded to get a freaky obsession about Blair. Can you say stalker? And Blair was barely mad at this lying lowlife, and even apologized to him for kissing the Two Todds, when they're not even involved in a real relationship.

While Blair's been having most of her scenes with Scumas, Blair's family has barely reacted to the news. Dorian, who is days of old, would have been the first one to sniff out if Roger Howarth's Todd was the real deal, just kind of shrugged off the news, when in years past she despised Todd with a passion. As for Cousin Kelly, does she even know about the Two Todds? There hasn't been one scene of her reacting to the news, and she works for Todd's newspaper. Most of her scenes have been with the badly recast, Joey Buchanan, who also doesn't seem to even know about the Two Todds.

Dorian, Kelly and Joey are all about to leave the show, but even so, these people should have reacted to the news. A reveal is only as good as the reactions it gets. It was also bad foresight on the writers part to give Marty Saybrooke the boot, as she and Todd have some really dark history they could have played to the hilt.

It's too bad. The show missed a lot of high points in this story. But considering the writers the show has, I guess we should be glad for what good parts we've gotten of this story.


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    • SUSIE42 profile image

      SUSIE42 6 years ago

      The whole story is so bizare, it is hard for me to even go there.