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One Punch Man vs Goku! Who is the Stronger one?

Updated on January 27, 2016

One Punch Man or Goku? The debate of the century.

If you're an otaku just like me, then you must have heard about One Punch Man: Saitama, who is a bald superhero for hobby that pretty much finishes up every super villain in just one punch. Yes you heard it right. In just one punch. The magnitude of the threat and superpowers of the villain does not matter to Saitama as he finishes his opponents in just one punch. Which gives the rise to the question, how strong is really Saitama ? He blasts meteors in smaller pieces, survives fire explosions and what not. But even when all is said and done, Saitama is never really seen going all out against his opponents. The only time he ever got a little serious was against his disciple, Genos and that resulted in a mountain being split into two just from the aftershock of his punch. Yes, the power he holds is not measurable by normal means.

Now this gives rise to another question. Is Saitama the strongest superhero alive? Even stronger than the Super Saiyan, Kakarot? And just in case you forgot who Kakarot is, his alias is Goku, the person who saved planet earth a number of times from the hands of Frieza, Vegeta, Cell and Kid Buu. He is also capable of destroying planets, stars and instant teleporting between galaxies. And just for the record, Goku has died more than 3 times and was still brought back to life with the help of dragonballs. Pretty invincible if you ask me.

And so the process of otakus coming together to answer the debate of the century on who is stronger, Saitama or Kakarot starts.


One Punch Man : Saitama

One Punchman was first created by mangaka, One. The popularity of the manga, caught the attention of a famous mangaka Murata Yuusuke, who then re drew the manga One Punch Man into the art it is today.

One Punch Man is designed in such a way that no matter who the opponent is, he is done for in just one punch. Even if it's a meteor or a super giant that can crush cities under its foot; all it takes is just one punch to finish it out. One Punch Man stands for its name.

The part that attracts One Punch Man fans is that he is just a normal human being with no superpowers and is the result of sheer hard work. His 100 push ups, 100 pull ups, 100 sits, 10 km running everyday quote almost created a riot in Japan to the point where the viewers stopped watching the anime and started on the initiative to follow up his regime. Pretty influential anime i must say.

And as such is portrayed of typical superheros, Saitama is not free from the mundane problems surrounding his life. He is more concerned about the bargain day on Saturday then fighting an android primate that kill a city full of people.


Super Saiyan : Goku

In comes our childhood supernatural hero, Goku. Technically, Goku is not a hero nor a human being. Goku comes from a planet called Vegeta, where the inhabitants were called saiyan. Saiyans were a generally warrior race who could fly, shoot laser beams from their hands, and occasionally transform into King Kongs on the night of the full moon. They possess strength several 100 times more than the normal human being.

When Goku's planet was obliterated by Frieza, he was sent in a capsule to Earth where he was raised normally as a martial artist. Goku eventually wins a major martial artist tournament and marries a girl called Chi Chi and has two sons namely Gohan and Goten.

Goku was also the first saiyan to break into the super saiyan realm. He achieved this feat when he was travelling to planet Namek, training in 100x times the gravity of Earth inside his capsule. He was the first to reach super saiyan, ascended super saiyan, super saiyan 3, super saiyan 4 and super saiyan god. He can possibly erase the existence of a star with his infamous ka-me-ha-me-ha. And we all know how powerful his spirit bomb can be. Goku's power is immeasurable in the truest sense.

The battle between the Saitama and Goku?

While Goku can destroy stars into oblivion, Saitama can jump back from the moon with no atmosphere and vice versa. It is not truly shown how much destruction can Saitama pull off, given that he is never angry and never uses his full power. But unlike Saitama, Goku has several super saiyan forms where he can power up to beat his opponents into the astral plane. But Goku never kills anyone. Whereas Saitama, he one punch KO's his opponent. Saitama is a normal human being a truest sense. With his power he can easily wipe off the entire hero association without breaking a sweat. But then again, he might miss out on the Saturday Bargain Sale.

Goku or Saitama, who is stronger. We will let you decide.

Saitama vs Goku discussion.

Who is stronger?

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