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One of the Best Korean Drama Shows on TV

Updated on September 29, 2012

City Hunter is one of the Best Kdrama Shows ever

This drama is based on a popular manga called City Hunter (this is its English title) there is also an anime of this title too.

City Hunter’s covers many genres such as romance, mystery, action and suspense. There is a little bit of something for everyone in this show. It seems to be really popular with young adults. But that might be simply becuase of the cast.

Who do the people love more, famous handsome actor Lee Min Ho or popular Kpop Music Star Goo Hara?

Goo Hara is a singer from the famous kpop group KARA was a supporting character playing the role of the president’s daughter, Choi Da Hye. She portrayed the character of a spoiled rich girl but made the viewer’s feel a bit sympathetic towards her as she’s in that kind of situation where she’s the talk of the nation.

City Hunter
City Hunter

The two leads were Lee Yoon Seung (Lee Min Ho) and Kim Na Na (Park Min Young) both popular and displayed great acting skills. Another commendable character would be Jin Pyo he was evil and cruel in a way but for me never dislikeable and all I can say he’s a man on a mission.

This amazing drama is about Lee Yoon Seung getting revenge on the people who indirectly killed his father under the watchful eye of Jin Pyo his father’s friend and comrade. The highlights were when they travelled overseas to Thailand and Lee Min Ho did most of the action scenes himself.

My conclusion

The storyline was absolutely amazing, the drama made you want to watch non-stop as each episode left you at a cliff hanger. There are some Kdrama series out right now that have great actors and an interesting story but fail on the execution of each episode. Or they can sometimes leave you confused during the scene. Every episode in City Hunter was well played all the way to the end.

The suspense, the huge secret and twist at the end of the series were intense. There was never a draggy or boring scene at any point and the clues were left at meaningful times enhancing the plot.

Excitingly romantic, with enough action to keep the guys viewers interested. That combined with Goo Hara and Lee Min Ho, how can a Kdrama fan not be nose bleeding! I think it was good enough that I will watch it again.


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    • Midasfx profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      Hey dreamlin, thanks for commenting. I have been reading some of your hubs about kdrama. Seems you are an avid watcher. I just got mnet tv and started to watch them myself. Never herd of Faith or Personal taste. Will check those out. Thanks!

    • Dreamlin profile image


      6 years ago from New Jersey, USA

      I totally agree with you, “City Hunter” is one of the best contemporary Korean action drama series to date. Before “City Hunter” I hold little interest in Lee Min Ho. He was a huge hit in “Boys over flower”. However, that Drama Series is not my cup of tea. By chance I watched “City Hunter” (more because of the story than the lead-I like dynamic hero fighting injustice.) I become Lee Min Ho’s fan. He’s great in “City Hunter”. The role fits him perfectly, and I’m impressed with his acting skills. He is also good in “Personal taste”, a romantic drama that is not so light, and I’m currently watching his new drama “Faith” where he plays a witty warrior, an excellent fantasy story.

      I think after reading your hub, I’m going to watch “City Hunter” again. Great intro. Thanks!


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