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One Punch K.O

Updated on July 28, 2020
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A video game, Book and anime enthusiast who wants to show the world the positives of reading and gaming

The start

“For all those who play games against a toddler or on easy difficulty” is basically the definition that fits Saitama, aka ‘One-Punch Man’ perfectly. At the start of this series we are introduced to two monsters, one of them so powerful he destroys an entire complex with ease, the other one is so big that it can stomp a city without breaking a sweat. Out of the blue, we find Saitama on both the scene and they try to promptly kill Saitama, Obviously, he fails, and, true to his name he manages to kill them in One Punch. I started watching the series like a week ago, and it’s extremely fun for anyone looking to pass time, which, in a time like this is something people, especially kids have too much of (if you are not 16+, please have your parents’ permission to watch this). The first episode is concluded by showing Saitama’s everyday life, which, quite frankly, is boring and it’s stated that he is a ‘hero for fun’I was immediately exited for more episodes, and throughout the whole series, he always gets bad mouthed because he is an underdog while the audience knows that Saitama is the most powerful entity in the universe (a statement made in later episodes).


Genos (and half the 1st season)

In the second episode named ‘Lone Cyborg’ we come across a cyborg who is out to vengeance against the cyborg that ruined his hometown. He isn’t actually the villain of the episode, He is actually trying to track down a mysterious entity that leaves behind mummified corpes of animals and even humans, and he comes across mosquito queen, who controls mosquitoes that suck blood so fast from living entity so fast that they leave mummified corpse. He proceeds to burn most of her armies of mosquitoes and cut of her legs, and then she brings the remaining armies and with all the blood that they sucked out of living organisms, she became an even more powerful version of herself and tears up the cyborg, Genos. This is where Saitama comes in. He randomly walks into their fights and walked away unscathed. When she was tearing up Genos he was saved by Saitama, who lived up to his name and killed her in one punch. Genos is so stunned that he asks to be his disciple, and Saitama agrees, though he had no idea that Genos was being serious. Somewhere along the series Genos and Saitama apply to the Hero Association where Genos is classified as a S class hero, meaning he is one of the best, and Saitama is classified as a C class hero, the lowest tier of the Hero Association, this is a smooth transition into finding out other heroes none of whom are more powerful than Saitama and the audience knows it so does Genos and Saitama, but he refuses to acknowledge that and just let it slide. There is one person who we don’t know about, and he is called Blast. We do not see him at all throughout the series and is a mystery. We meet other very powerful heroes play a crucial part in the story line. This series also has manga books of its own, I would suggest you to read it, but it’s in Japanese. Almost every episode brings him new villains that pose zero challenge to Saitama.


The most powerful

In the end of season 1 he has to fight Boros, The king of an incredible powerful force of aliens, maybe even the most powerful in the universe. His ship alone destroys a city. While other heroes are fighting a powerful mercenary of Boros, Saitama fights Boros himself, and although it may look like Saitama is losing, in the end even Boros acknowledges the power the Saitama possesses and understands that he stood no chance against Saitama.


The End?

In the second season, which is relatively uneventful, we find out a lot more about the personal background of many S class heroes, and even some from A class and B Class and mid season we are introduced to a new villain, a bounty hunter of sorts. He calls himself a Hero Hunter. He is so powerful that he manages to take down a lot of heroes including some S class Heroes which puts him under the watch of the Hero Association, eventually, he comes across Saitama who managed to strike him down, but he did not know that he was the Hero Hunter who was hunting everyone down. Garou (aka Hero Hunter) is considered to be a major villain, until the last two episodes, where we find out about the real major villain who is a massive centipede called the ‘Elder Centipede’. Only one person has come close to defeating the elder centipede, and that was Blast, the unknown S1 hero. Genos, Bang(aka Silver Fang) and his brother, Bomb give their best to destroy the elder centipede, but they fail, in the final season 2 episode, Saitama takes out the elder centipede(of course, with one punch) and that’s where the season ends and the next season is rumored to come out sometime in 2020 to 2021. This was a very rough explanation of the second season, and there are a few surprises. The reason I didn't go in-depth into the second season was that, it was pretty uneventful. Hopefully, you enjoyed it. :)


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Andrew


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