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The Best Queen Cover Band In History!! Gary Mullen/The Works

Updated on March 23, 2009

Gary Mullen & The Works- Perform "One Night Of Queen"

“Freddie lives, the show must go on” is one of the taglines for Gary Mullen and the Works who are the premier, Queen cover band. My husband, a self proclaimed Queen super fan, and I plunked down the $50 per ticket (once you add all the wonderful ticket fees) to watch them perform a close to sold out show at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on Friday, March 20, 2009.

The average age of the crowd attendees was about 45, which is likely the reason the show started at 8PM with no cover band. We forty somethings need our beauty sleep after a Queen cover band show!

The people watching was top notch. There were, of course, the “normal people” who were no fun.. but there were a number of 80’s throwbacks with winged hair, mullets, and bomber leather jackets.

There were the two teenagers sitting in the seats behind us, screaming, giggling and showing off their homemade Gary Mullen tee shirts. I think they spent about 40 hours playing Guitar Hero in order to memorize every lyric of every Queen song. There was even the 40 something mom, wearing a short flouncy min-skirt.. reaction? Why.. just why?

Gary Mullen, courtesy of the One Night of Queen, website
Gary Mullen, courtesy of the One Night of Queen, website

What About The Queen Music??

Oh yeah.. the music. Gary Mullen and the Works put on an incredible show. Anyone who has listened to Queen, knows that Freddie Mercury is a hard act to follow or copy. Listening and watching Gary was as good or maybe even better than watching the real thing.

Gary Mullen had an incredible voice, that sounded very much like Freddie and he was an incredible showman, mimicking many of Freddie’s signature moves. He ran and jumped around the stage, he took off his shirt, he made love to the microphone, he had the arm and shoulder moves, he slapped his ass and most importantly.. had a Freddie Mercuryesque moustache!

Gary also did a great job pumping up the audience encouraging sing-a-longs, dancing and clapping. He high fived audience members during breaks between singing and made funny jokes.

Watch Gary Mullen Sing "Somebody to Love"

Who Is Gary Mullen?

Per the band’s website, Gary was a lifelong Queen fan and a singer who often enjoyed covering Queen songs especially when singing karaoke.

He went on to compete in and win the “Stars in their Eyes” contest, a British television talent show where contestants impersonate stars. Then, he formed Gary Mullen and The Works who got their start in New Zealand, Germany, Holland and The UK.

The Real Freddie Mercury
The Real Freddie Mercury
Gary Mullen As Freddie...
Gary Mullen As Freddie...

A Great Mix of Queen Songs

The band played all of Queen’s biggest hits including “Another One Bites The Dust”, “Fat Bottom Girls”, “Bohemium Rhapsody”, “Killer Queen” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love’. They also performed a sprinkling of lesser known, but still great songs. After one encore, Gary Mullen and his band wrapped up the concert with ‘We Are The Champions”.

Did they pass my husband, the super fan’s, test? Yes! He had seen the real Queen perform many years ago and was amazed at how great Gary’s show was.

This is a must see for anyone who enjoyed Queen "back in the day" and loves a high energy, danceable rock concert.

Gary Mullen and The Works just started their second United States tour and may be stopping in a city near you! For more information, visit their official website at

Copyright 2009, M. Reynolds, All Right’s Reserved


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    • profile image

      Dan 8 years ago

      outstandoing show and true to life article. well written and perfectly described. I also was at this particular show.