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Onepunch Man Season 2 Won't Be Animated by Madhouse

Updated on April 19, 2021

Well this came as a shock to me that One Punch Man Season 2 wasn't going to be animated by MadHouse, but had been moved to being worked on at J.C. Staff. I was shocked but hopefully optimistic that it'll turn out well given the pedigree of J.C. Staff. Anime fans were freaking because J.C's more recent works like Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon, Food Wars, and Shimoneta. In short many people thought J.C. Stafff can't animate action scenes. I'll get into why I don't agree with that, but for now, I wanna focus on the information I found.


What I learned about the production when this studio shift was announced..

While yes OnePunch Man Season 2 will be animated by J C Staff, according to Anime News Network, Tomohiro Suzuki will continue sound composition, Makoto Miyazaki will continue from season 1 as the music composer, and Chikashi Kubota who provided character design in season 1 will return to do in season 2. That and the main cast will be reprising their roles. The only change thus far is that Chikara Sakurai will be replacing Shingo Netsuke as the director. But I feel people should relax, as Sakurai was an episode director of Naruto Shippuden, meaning he has experience with an action series. This is vital, because odds are Sakurai will get a feel for OnePunch Man, and direct it accordingly. Well assuming he's seen season 1, understands the expectation, and has a passion for the project.

But that aside most of the old staff is still on board meaning the familiarity to season 1 will remain. Word's not out yet on who will be providing the animation, but I'm optimistic that the animators of season 1 will return as well.

He had such high hopes for the giant to be a challenge
He had such high hopes for the giant to be a challenge | Source
And those hopes were crushed...
And those hopes were crushed... | Source

Why fans shouldn't be worried...

Look I get why fans are worried, but it bugs how limited a lot of fans are of J.C. Staff's pedigree of work. But aside from the fact that, I'm left with the impression that a lot of the anime fans who are in doubt are casuals at best. But according to Anime News Network Chikara Sakurai who directed Naruto Shippuden, replaced Shingo Natsume of Food Wars. Yoshikazu Iwanami who was sound director on Girls Und Panzer and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, is replacing Shoji Hata. Chikashi Kubota who character designed for Corpse Princess:Aka, FLCL 2, is returning from season 1 to design characters for Season 2. Tomohiro Suzuki who provided composition for season 1, ACCA: 23-Territory Inspection Dept. will return to compose for Season 2. Makoto Miyazaki who composed music foe season 1 will be returning for season 2. So with that said, many who worked on season 1 will be returning to the series, barring that, there's something else to consider, the new people brought on board are chosen for a reason.

Aside from the fact that J C Staff has its share of action oriented anime under its belt, what matters is who's brought on board of the project. And ideally,(toei's handling of One-Pice, Sailor-Moon Crystal, and the first two arcs of Dragon Ball Super not withstanding) studios have teams on each anime or cartoon that are experienced in the area required to work on the project. If the project is an action cartoon like OnePunch Man, you get a production team that has experience in action cartoons. Plus if the previous paragraph is any indication animators, music composers, sound designers and directors tend to move from one studio to another on occassions.



In conclusion, the odds of OnePunch Man Season 2 being good in terms of production are high given who's been tasked with working on the anime. Because while it might not be on the same scale as MadHouse, but there's doubt that it'll be as bad as say the 2016 Berserk reboot.

What's important to know is the production team working on an anime not the studio publishing it. Though not all anime fans are aware of that, and given their lack of knowledge on the production and business sides of the industry, it's understandable.

But given what I've learned I'm hopeful that season 2 will look pretty good.


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