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Opera Greats 2 - Mario Lanza

Updated on December 15, 2014

Mario Lanza

Mario is a legend in Opers and his hometown!

Mario Lanza was a great American tenor, who was often compared to Enrico Carusso. Not only was Mario born in 1923, the year Carusso passed away, but he also played him in the Great Carusso.

Born Alfredo Arnold Cocozza, Mario changed his name and started studying performing arts at the age of 16. He was rebellious and independant by reputation. He voice made him an international star and gave him a promicsing career. Sadly, he had several compulsions which lead him to an early gave. He passed away at 38!

He was in many movies including: Be my love, That Midnight Kiss, and Hollywood Bowl. Though his career was cut short, his memory will live on forever! Mario has a museum in his honor in his hometown.


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