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Orange is the New Black...Review

Updated on September 25, 2013

The Cast

This is most of the main cast and they are AMAZING!
This is most of the main cast and they are AMAZING! | Source

Hmmm...Yes or No?....YES!

Crystal's View:

Orange is the New Black is a Netflix original series that genuinely surprised me. My fiance was the first to watch the show. He was raving about how funny and different it was, so I was contemplating watching it. I thought, how can this show be that great if it's about women in prison? How is this going to be entertaining and not just sad? I happened to read an article in an Entertainment Weekly magazine a few weeks later about the show. I finally decided it might be worth my time since so many others thought so highly of it.

I am so glad that I did. Within a few weeks I was able to finish Season 1... I had to marathon the episodes haha it was that good. I will warn you though that this show is not something for the kids to watch with you. Although, it is a great show for bonding and laughing with your significant other! :) It will keep you engaged the whole time.


Unique, Fun, and Exciting

I sat down to do some homework and began to watch/listen to Season 1, Episode 1. Somewhat paying attention at the beginning to full on "wait what?" and "OMG" moments within the first 15 minutes of the show. Let's just say I wasn't able to finish homework and watch the show at the same time.

Orange is the New Black is exciting and has a brilliantly written story line. It immediately attracts a woman's emotional side and still allows room for a man's kind of humor. The actors are amazing and play happy, sad, angry, and confused roles with so much talent that you are engulfed in their stories. You forget that these women in the show are not really dealing with prison life, then to realize that they are representing so many others who really are. Each character has a unique past that grabs your attention and takes you on an emotional roller coaster along with them leading up to their imprisonment. By the end of the series you feel like you know them on a different level. This is what reality looks like; relationships having their ups and downs, drug addiction, violence and friendships (and so much more).

Women Power!

There are plenty of movies that I have watched with male only prisoners such as Shaw Shank Redemption, American History X, and Bad Boys to name a few that are the basis of the story line. Therefore, I love that Orange is the New Black brings to light a woman's perspective of prison life. Things like flip flops for the showers, estrogen pills and some eyeliner really brings out a whole new insight of the way life is in the clink.

Everyday problems still occur and messy situations just get worse before they get better but the comedy and drama create a great mix of reality that only adds character to the show. Everyone can relate through a number of ways. Through ethnicity, religious background, accidents, and mistakes made throughout the series, really make you think about your own life.

This is definitely a must see! Even if this review makes you a little curious...give it a shot! What do you have to lose. It will only get better from the first episode and by then you are already hooked to keep watching!

Who knew prison life could be so entertaining. Enjoy!

Just A Taste...


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