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Oscars: four things which can make it “The Oscars”

Updated on October 2, 2012
It should be more realistic!
It should be more realistic!
The obvious result as it was released in the later part of the year.
The obvious result as it was released in the later part of the year.



is no doubt the biggest accolade in Hollywood and the whole world; however there are many things that are missing in this glorious event.

I think that the awards are given on the movies which are produced in the whole year. Then why is that so that nearly all the nominations of the movies are of the movies which are produced in the last half of the year. In the 81st Academy Awards Dark Knight was not even included in the best feature film category. The movie which broke the record of ‘Titanic’ and is the fourth movie in the entire history of Hollywood to have a rating of greater than 9 on imdb after the Godfather series fails to get its name listed in that year’s nominees. Similarly, this year ‘Public Enemies’ is not even nominated in the Oscars. But as it was released in the first half of the year (dated 1st July 2009) it was left in the bucket. Johnny Depp should have been nominated in the best actor category and any one who has seen that movie would agree with me. Similarly, its director was not even listed too. If this continues to happen then I’m afraid to say there will be no movie released till August except animated ones as the judges totally forgets them. Should they reminded by the public that there were also some better movies released earlier that year compared with the ones they have selected. They make a fool of themselves as this is such a mega event and the world is eyeing on it and if it’s not fair then perhaps nothing is fair.

In this year the two nominations, Up in the air and Serious Man are certainly of not that quality that they should be a part of Oscars when movies like Law Abiding citizen which outclasses them completely in terms of topic, script, direction and acting is present. This movie deserves to be nominated for best cinematography as well. Look at the master work of Clint Eastwood in directing ‘Invictus, however his efforts were made a bit too early in that year to make any impact in the Oscars. I mean what is going on. There is something really missing in their system. Can’t deny their exceptional talents in the desired fields with tonnes of experience but still they overlook masterpieces and consider ordinary stuff.

Another example of their supreme work is that GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra is not included in the Visual Effects category. The judges should be held responsible for their decisions and they should state solid reasons why they haven’t chosen these movies. A check and balance have to be made by the governing bodies whoever they are. The directors and actors should carry out a revolution sort of a thing to remove this injustice.

Then the number of nominees is very less when we consider the number of movies released in the year. Nearly 4 movies are released each week which is approximately equal to 200 a year and only five nominations from them is surely a hard task. If we even divide the categories as well about 160 movies are left for the best feature film award. In Hollywood nearly one out of ten movies deserves to be nominated as far as the quality is concerned. So the number of nominees should be increase to 10 at least for direction, movie, actor, and actress and cinematography categories. This can reduce some tension in the viewers as they will be relaxed by at least seeing the quality stuff in the nominees.

Then there are movies which are more hyped than others which I failed to figure out for what reason. Like for example ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, was awarded the best dialogue award last year. I acknowledge its subject, direction but the dialogues mostly consisted of slang words. Now place its dialogues with ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’. I let it to you to decide which one is better. I accept the growing Bollywood influence with the Hollywood industry however it doesn’t mean that any subject that gives importance to them should be up heaved. Similarly, this year ‘Up in the air’ is the judges’ choice as far I see it. This movie is okay but the way it has been a part of each category has clearly shown the judges great interest in this subject.

Then the set of the Oscars is not which symbolizes its uniqueness and quality. Last year its set was very close to the audience. Whoever was the designer failed to note that the set was designed in such an ugly way that it was difficult to differentiate between the audience section and the set. The first thing was that it wasn’t that high. Secondly, it was very close to the audience. I mean that they should have left more space in between. Then its height was such low that it doesn’t give it that grand appearance. In such a mega event these things count a lot. Even the small Bollywood awards like The StarDust take these things into consideration. Then the performance of A.R Rahman’s song of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ was the greatest insult ever. His drummers or back stage performers were spread all over the place. In between the audience and stairs which clearly demolished its entire integrity. If they could have made the set larger and higher than everyone could have seen it easily.

If the Oscars’ supervisors take these four things into account then surely Oscars will become "The Oscars".


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